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Military Veteran, Lots of Management Experience, Late 20's.

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  1. Are you applying to the May 2011 RN program at MCI VA BEACH????

    Yes the Orientation class is lame! We had to read a boring book and take some quizzes on it. But we also did Med Term which was good to learn in that class and all the LPN's had to read another book and take a separate class.
  2. Are you applying to the May 2011 RN program at MCI VA BEACH????

    Hey! That is awesome, it will give you a chance to refresh while they are in the first 3 mods. My schedule has stayed consistent, but the Gen Ed's in each mod have not stuck to the schedule. But when I got the schedule I was told that would happen. F...
  3. You should go through my posts. I am always helping students at my school out, I do not personally attack them for rips. You guys rip each other all day long and I was pointing out a very valid point in the post you were referring to.
  4. I did not say I was sick of reading it, I said students. But now that I have listened to your whining, yes I am sick of reading it and will cease to read further. Thanks for the advice!
  5. There is nothing safe about venting on this website. All you guys do is rip each others heads off. Probably because half of you have no control over your own lives and do not have the guts to stick up for yourselves in the real world. So you come on ...
  6. Are you applying to the May 2011 RN program at MCI VA BEACH????

    Good luck with your studies guys! I suggest reading a A&P for Dummies book, Reading a Micro for Idiots book, those kinds of things. I did that before I started and I am now a straight A student. You will get your A&P book at orientation and I...
  7. TCC to NSU or ODU

    Yes it is super important to make financially sound decisions! Some of my classmates are going to be so far in the hole after this program that I doubt they will ever see light! Luckily there are lots of scholarships in this area, according to them I...
  8. Thank you Avyah to you for the comment and your family for their service!
  9. Guess what my friend, I have a degree in Management concentration HRM. Guess what one of my jobs has been, technical recruiter. Guess where this "whinny whippersnapper" generation will be in a few years? Sitting across from YOU at an interview decidi...
  10. Well then suggest to the website to move his post to general student discussions and we can complain about you there. But I would be willing to bet my pay check that you would go there and complain about students complaining. You are pretty self rig...
  11. TCC to NSU or ODU

    Hey I am an MCI RN student. Read some of the posts in the VA Program Discussions, I talk about this a lot. For the RN program it is regionally accredited but only in Candidacy for the NLN, that is why it is hard to transfer our credits for the RN pro...
  12. OP- I see what you are saying. The one thing I find interesting about the replies to you is that nurses keep saying they "come on here to vent" because people on here are "understanding". Yet when someone comes on here to vent the "understanding" peo...
  13. starting from scratch

    If I use the GI Bill, would I also be able to get other financial assistance? I DO NOT want to get another huge loan. If I dont use the GI BILL would I be able to get grants, financial aide, and maybe a small loan? Well if you get the Post 9/...
  14. Tidewater Anatomy & Physiology

    A&P was a breeze for me and Micro was a killer too. I am not any good with the microscope.
  15. Tidewater Anatomy & Physiology

    I go to MCI and we lost 50% of our class during A&P 1 which was 5 weeks long. I am told that some of the CC's in the area do accelerated summer programs, if it is accelerated study A LOT! Use your book website it is very helpful! You can get thro...