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INLPN93 has 18 years experience and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Passed LS2!!!!

    Congrats!! Keep it up, almost done!!!
  2. Do we really need a MD's order for this?

    No. I laughed a good one reading this, oh for cripe's sake. Though I will say, after all the silliness of the past few years in LTC I can see this over the top kinda stuff being the normal for what requires a MD order.
  3. How do you chart verbal aggression by a client?

    I have worked at a couple of not for profit, faith based facilities. It is in their policy that no profanity is in a residents chart, they offered one on one training for what amounted to using your English Comp coupled with good charting skills to a...
  4. Irritating Classmates

    Well, with 18 years on the floor/bedside experience, I don't need to start at the beginning for some hand holding guided lecture of what I do on a daily basis. I am at a point I get it. I have advisors at my beck and call to guide me also. I am in no...
  5. How much MONEY do you make? (questionaire)

    1. what is your degree in? lpn, asn student 2. what state do you live in? in 3. what is your job title? staff/charge nurse 4. how much do you make an hour? $ 20.66 - 21.16/hr depending on shift, zero benefits 5. how much do you make a year? prn, so i...
  6. I need to take the Microbiology Exam ASAP

    The Demystified book has an excellent overview. Read the textbook and the keypionts at the end of the chapter/answer the multiple choice q's too. I kinda focused on this approach and got a B. Wish I'd known just how helpful the practice exams are, th...
  7. Noting orders VERY late...legally, what happens?

    That is why nursing management should arise from that chair in their office and do rounds with the MD. Then, even if they were too lazy to note off the orders it could be brought to your attention that the orders were there to begin with to deal with...
  8. Passed Lifespan 3 too!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  9. Passed Chronicity and Repro this morning! =)

    :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: Way to Go!!! Congrats
  10. Caring for the Chart or the Patient?

    What keeps you employed as a licensened nurse is completing the *required* charting. Its the 'experienced, knowledgeable' nursing management that P & P's redundant, irrelevant charting requiring the experienced on the floor nurse to do the ridicu...
  11. Caring for the Chart or the Patient?

    Try being a LTC nurse who is to electronic chart AND paper chart: VS, neuros, falls, bruises/skin tears/red peri areas and any incident or injury, MD calls with/without orders, family concerns, LOA and return with skin issue checks, changes in condit...
  12. Irritating Classmates

    And there's another reason online/distance learning ROCKS!!!! I forgot that even though we're adults, its high school all over again to head back to the nursing classroom. LPN school was horrible, oh god the idiots never do go away, huh?
  13. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    Exactly! And of those extra 20-30 any one or possibly more, can also go south and crash on you. I have worked a lot of units; TBI, skilled, trachs, IVs, ostomys, decubs/stage IV or worse wound vacs too, and high acuity needs but with that I've alway...
  14. Thinking of switching to long term care

    Before going into LTC try hospice, it is a much much less stressful position. The patient care is more direct and the load is manageable. I am a LTC LPN, I wouldn't suggest LTC to many nurses but your level of education and goals are not a happy fit ...
  15. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    I have done this for 18 years, and I am done. It is plain crazy what is expected of a LTC nurse. The charting, pt/res load, the shift wars, the catty petty crap, the short staffing, the new rules/guidelines/policy that adds more to your shift, and i...