What is the hardest class you've taken so far??

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Me, I've only taken 2 classes so far so I can't say much. I want to know what all of you think the worst class is. I've heard alot of nursing students say anatomy and physiology and others say the fundamentals of nursing. What's your pick??

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I would have to say that both of my Chem classes and my Intermediate Algebra class were by far the hardest so far. I start Nursing classes Aug. 25!!!

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The chemistry classes.

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Just finished my prerequisites, so I don't know regarding Nursing classes. For me, it was Anatomy and Physiology1. This is because of the nature of the material. It is more memorization than understanding. It is laying the foundation for everything else. I made the mistake of trying to fit the pieces together instead of just learning in material. My one suggestion on this class is to make flash cards for yourself and to use the online tests from the book.


Congrats on your two completed classes.


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Philosophy. It was hard to stay awake.:o

A&P and Fundamentals weren't hard, just a lot of work.

for me personally, i think that pharmacology has been my toughest class so far (1 year of nursing courses completed, one to go). first of all it was at 0800 on monday morning, on top of that, nothing but drug names, method of action, dosage, side effects, contraindications, etc. i am the type that i could be lectured to all day and it does not really stick, but when i actually get my hands on the drugs in the clinical setting and look them up and do pt teaching regarding them then i remember the stuff.


13 video's of lecturing of a boring prof. standing in front of a camera and occassionally drawing on a black board through my distance education course.

Glad when that was finished...

It was organic/biochemistry. Now it's Pharmacology -- melted my brain, man! :chuckle


nursing....med/surg because there isn't enough time in the day to learn EVERYTHING!!!!

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Definatly Chemistry. I took it this summer (8 weeks) and there was just SO much to learn and understand I thought. Some days I wanted to pull my hair out trying to learn all that nomenclature!!

I did manage to get an A though!!! I think though that if I would have taken it during a regular 16 week semester it would not have been so bad. Summer classes are just hard so dont let me scare you.

I took Anatomy in the spring and I did not think it was hard at all, I loved it!


Pre-req's wise is is A&P nursing wise your first med surg class.

So far for me Chem 101 was the hardest!!!!


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