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  1. bigwavedave

    Starting IV's...

    from my experience the big blue veins you can see are always easier. and it does make you feel better when you try unsuccessfully to start an iv and then the one with more iv experience cannot start it either. it's hard to describe exactly what veins feel like. as far as putting it in an artery- if you are feeling for a vein and you feel a pulse- don't put try sticking there. if for some reason you do get it in an artery it would bleed like crazy- more than usual and a brighter red than normal. take out the iv catheter and apply pressure until bleeding stops and then i would normally place a folded up 2 x 2 gauze secured with tape.
  2. bigwavedave

    cleaning poop

    my wife is a nicu (neonatal) nurse, of course they do their share of cleaning poo. the upside is that it is contained to a diaper and in much less quantity than an adult patient. it also only takes a couple of wipes to clean it. the smells may not be as bad either. if you don't like smells- do not go to trauma- (blood, vomit, poo, sweat, halitosis, down right nasty funk, you name it- we smell it!) just something to think about.
  3. bigwavedave

    Frustrated at Lack of Professionalism

    I am fed up with the lack of professionalism that I am seeing popping up in my unit. I am tired of seeing staff (nursing and otherwise) wearing earbuds from their Ipod while at work. I did bring it up with one of my nurses one night and he was very kind and put it away and I have not seen it since. But I think last night took the cake. Luckily it was not visiting hours (we have a locked down ICU unit- closed to visitors 2 hrs, open 1...) and I found 4 of my female staff gathered around a computer looking at pictures of body builders from a body building competition last weekend one of them attended with her boyfriend. I could not believe it. I will admit when I am not charge I will sometimes visit with my neighbors but this was way over the line. In the end the internet was turned off quickly and everyone got back to their patients, no patients were in danger, but I just could not believe this went on. I am seriously considering going to my manager and telling her of this and other smaller incidences that all go back to a lack of professionalism. Does this kind of stuff go on other places or is it just our night shifters?
  4. bigwavedave


    When I read the original post re: good stethoscopes, I had to let out a good laugh. I went through nursing school w/ a dual head "Prestige" brand stethoscope... about $20 when I bought it new. There were others in school who had dropped the $75 to $150 for a Littman this or that and I have to admit I was a little jealous, but did not really see the need, until I listened w/one. So after graduation my in-laws bought me a Littman Master Cardiology II and I love it, relatively lightweight, great acoustics, and feels great in my ears. The ironic part of it is that once I started working in my ICU I looked around and most of the nurses have some form of higher end Littman, while the doctors use the $20 job, I have even seen one of them using one of the disposable steths. I guess my father-in-law was right, I got a better stethoscope than the doctors. Anyways, I love my Littman Master Cardiology II. Good luck in school lifeLongstudent.
  5. bigwavedave

    Pregnant and Nursing School??

    First of all, congrats and good luck (with the pregnancy and getting into nursing school)! Although I was never pregnant during nursing school, there were quite a few in my class that were at some stage of pregnancy throughout my 2 years in the nursing program. One woman was pregnany 1st semester, EDC was 1 week after our final. Unfortunately for her though she deliverd the morning of our final. She got to take it at a later date. To my knowledge she had no problems with clinicals (i.e. heavy lifting and things of that sort). My wife deliverd our first child about 8 mos. prior to her starting nursing school. He was on the bottle by the time she started, otherwise she probably would have had to pump during breaks at school. The big thing was childcare. I was working fulltime in a bank to put her through school, but luckily for us her mother was able to watch him-he got a lot of one on one attention and she did not ask us to pay her a dime. The hardest part is probably finding time to be with the baby w/out letting your studies suffer. I think that is where the support and love from your family is key. My wife delivered our second child while I was in my 3rd for 4 semester of nursing school. He was actually born at 0815 and I had a clinical at 1400 I was required to be at. That's another story but I mention that because I do know how it feels to have a small baby while in nursing school. Last piece of advice is to take advantage of nap times to either get uninterrupted study time or take a nap yourself. I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking so try not to get stressed out about it right now, take care of yourself and the baby. Best of luck!!
  6. bigwavedave

    Suggestions for Night Shift Survival

    I am set to graduate in 6 months and have already gotten a job/internship position at my first choice! I am so excited to be getting school behind me and joining the world of the gainfully employed! I have a question though...I am going to be starting on the night shift 7a-7p. Do any of you seasoned night shifters have any suggestions or tips on how to transition and survive going from doing all my work/school during the day to working night shift 3 nights a week? I have two kids and a wife who is a nurse on days, so the days she works I am going to have to be able to be dad to my kids. Any ideas or tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  7. bigwavedave

    What to do when you want to quit???

    one question- how do you want nursing schools to be run these days? just curious. anyways- what has helped with me was last semester which was my 2nd of four semesters i was feeling the same way. i was bummed my grades were not what they should/could be and i was not motivated. luckily the wonderful people who post here gave me some great ideas of times/ways to make time to study and that helped a lot. one suggestion i have- and it also worked for me- observe whatever area of nursing interests/drives you. for instance for me, i am really interested in pursuing crna school. so i went and was in the OR two days last semester...that lit a fire that is still burning for me to apply myself and fight on for these last two semesters. i hope you find that spark for you and you don't throw away what you have already achieved. and remember- in today's society/business world, you really have to kiss butt to get anywhere, so it's not just in nursing.
  8. bigwavedave

    Good Hospitals in DFW area

    i know that there are some who post here who are in/have been in the wesleyan program here in ft worth so they may be able to shed more light than i can. i do know though that some who have gone/will be going to crna school have been at baylor all saints in downtown ft worth, some have worked at arlington memorial, i know that harris methodist ft worth (downtown) has many different icu's to choose from, baylor in dallas would probably be good. i am sure other people have their choices but those are some that stick out to me.
  9. bigwavedave

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    this is great to see such a response by guys! i have been on here for about two years now or so and i don't think i have ever seen anything like this before. unfortunately i don't always have time to post comments, but i always look to see what's new. for all of you husbands/fathers out there- i can sympathize w/what you are going through...i have been married 4 years w/3 yr old son and one on the way! those who have kids- what do you do to find quiet time to study? also- not to brag but i am down to my last two semesters of my bsn program (seniors rock!) but i say that b/c i noticed that a lot of you guys are working on pre-reqs...if you have any questions about anything now or what to expect in the future feel free to pm me or post a new thread and i will do my darn'dest to reply. like i have told someone before- i have not seen it all, but i have seen a lot! good luck guys- and keep up the great posts!
  10. bigwavedave

    Teacher not really Teaching...

    if this is a problem that the whole class is having w/Nursing 101 instructor- it might be a good idea to go up the chain of command and get the problem fixed. it may not necessarily immediately resolve any problems you are having now but it may change somethings for future students. and who knows- it may help you guys out somehow too. good luck!
  11. bigwavedave

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    here's another. senior at university of tx @ arlington!! i know what you mean agent- when we started last fall out of ~100 there were 10 guys, now due to some of them failing classes we are down to like 5 or 6 now.
  12. bigwavedave

    What is the hardest class you've taken so far??

    for me personally, i think that pharmacology has been my toughest class so far (1 year of nursing courses completed, one to go). first of all it was at 0800 on monday morning, on top of that, nothing but drug names, method of action, dosage, side effects, contraindications, etc. i am the type that i could be lectured to all day and it does not really stick, but when i actually get my hands on the drugs in the clinical setting and look them up and do pt teaching regarding them then i remember the stuff.
  13. bigwavedave


    jayne- good luck and best wishes for your interview. when i had my interview, of course being a male my choice of clothing was different from what you would wear, but "sunday dress" was appropriate for our school. something appropriate for the weather of course but something nice one might wear to church i would say. some ideas about questions to ask: nclex pass rate, clinical sites, etc. one thing i asked my interviewer (after she asked me why i wanted to be a nurse) i felt comfortable enough asking her why she wanted to be a nurse. i am sure more people will come up with some other good q's to ask too. good luck and god bless!
  14. bigwavedave

    act test

    as far as i know my act score was not looked at during my application process. maybe it was, i don't know. i know that it was looked at and useful for getting me accepted to college in the first place. but i think they looked most at pre-req's completed, gpa, interview and writing assessment. is your's looking at your act?
  15. bigwavedave

    Anyone taken Online A&P Course?

    online a&p...that's interesting. sorry though- mine was in class. i had never heard of a&p offered online. how are labs handled? i could see the lecture portion being available via distance learning or something of the sort, but honestly, i don't know how the labs can be handled through an online course. out of curiosity- do you have more info regarding it?
  16. bigwavedave

    Study And Kids

    one suggestion that was given to me last semester when i was at my wit's end...dealing w/a 3 y/o son and trying to study while he is at home w/me and wife is working...was check into your local public library or rec center. see if they have a reading program or somekind of program that kids can be involved with. i especially liked the library idea b/c if you can let them read to your kid(s) that encourages them to appreciate reading while letting you go off to a corner and study. the only thing is i don't know what age programs like that start with everywhere. i too have also found that burning the midnight oil is one of the only ways to get studying done, of course it is hard to get up for a class at 0800 when you have stayed up until 0200 that morning. good luck and best wishes to everyone!