What is happening to these babies?

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the link just takes me to a page advertising..

what is the point??

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What babies are you refering to?


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That is strange, I checked that link right after I posted it and it took me straight there. Now it is taking me to the home page. Oh well, the link is either in the scrolling headlines to the right or if you hit "more news" it is on the list.

Cut and paste of story:

Mexican pediatric ward closed after 34 babies die (1/10/2003 12:00:00 PM)

Comitan, Mexico, Jan 9 (EFE).- The government of the Mexican state of Chiapas announced Thursday that it was closing down the pediatric ward of the Comitan public hospital until the deaths of 34 babies in December are cleared up.

Chiapas Gov. Pablo Salazar said that in addition to closing down the pediatric ward, he had also requested the help of the Pan-American Health Office (PHO) in determining the cause of the deaths.

According to Comitan regional hospital deputy director Maria Helena Torres, the number of baby deaths soared in December for "unknown reasons."

She said that 24 of the dead infants were between one and 28 days old and the others between 28 and 60 days old.

Relatives of the babies attributed their deaths to medical negligence and threatened to sue the hospital.

The governor said on Thursday that he had already instructed State Attorney Mariano Herran to begin investigations to determine if the hospital was responsible in some way for the deaths.

He also said that a special ward would start operating to treat the local population for as long as the pediatric ward remains closed.

More than 100 patients from the area along the border with neighboring Guatemala are treated daily at the Comitan regional hospital. EFE

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Some sort of virus? RSV outbreak?

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Oh my. I wonder what happened??? I hope they figure it out--that is terribly sad.

I am wondering what they were admitted for, and what symptoms, and if any new symptoms developed prior to their deaths. My curiosity is definitely peaked! And it IS so sad! I really feel for their families.

I wonder if any of the staff taking care of those babies has false nails?


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Chances are it was infection. Second most likely thing is somesort of poisoning. Accidental or on purpose. Which ever it is terrible. That does not rule out some other wierd things.

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Ad for nursing hands. Is there an article you want us to read?


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What's up with the titles of the individual replies?

(this is a test)


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dawngloves very kindly did the cut and paste thing, the article is fifth post

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