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Say, hypothetically, an employer set up se table in your student lounge promoting themselves as a perspective employer. I'm not talking about some sleazy travel nursing agency, just a regular public health care facility. Who would you want to talk to? What would you want to hear? What questions whould you want answered? What would turn you off? Would free coffee and doughnuts get you to pay more attention? Or would that insult you?

Let me know.


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Last April 30 different representatives from facilities in my area came to an "open house" ...they were all looking to recruit new nurses.

I asked 3 main questions: What is the starting pay? What departments do you consider open to GN's and what is the Nurse to PT ratio on most shifts??

If I liked any of those answers I asked things like, How long is the orientation period for GN's and what type of learning environment do you offer? Also, Have you ever instituted madatory OT and if so under what circumstances. Do you have a copy of your benefits package?

This went OK for the most part, although some of the reps just kept saying "make an appoinment and come and see us, I'm sure you'll see we are competitive!"

Now, about the coffee and donuts......I don't consider that a plus, but I did get at least 30 pens, a calculator, penlight, highlighter, and I won 2 prizes in different drawings. One was a pampered chef gift certificate and one was a gift card to Outback Steakhouse. The last 2 were nice bonuses!! I gave the rest of the junk to the kids.

I found 2 things....either they answered all my questions and were delighted with the conversation or they just gave me the run around.

One rep even offered to watch my 3yo son while I "enjoyed" the open house! Their angle was all about family and choices.....

AS IF I would let my child with a stranger......crossed them off the list!

GOOD LUCK, this could be fun!



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I would definately stop for coffee and doughnuts !!!

Gator had some good questions !:cool: ;)

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I would love to offer you pens, pencils, my first born, but this is not gonna happen. In fact, some of it's probably gonna come out of my own pocket. Keep the suggestions coming, though.


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i would think each representive would make their place sound the best. i think it would be better to go on site and look and seek from those working to get a better idea of their perspective places. a patient's input would also surfice. lots of love

even if it sounds good, the writing in stone would be much to ponder.

coffee and doughnuts would not be the motivating factor for me. to me, it signifies courtesy; it would be the total package contents that would interest me.

great topic, andrienne!


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After all the good questions that Gator suggested.. I would probably ask about the Health (Medical Insurance) coverage. If you are from a LTC facility I probably wouldn't be too interested right now, but maybe at a later date.

The last place I went for clinical was a LTC facility and another student noticed that many of the nurses were Agency nurses.

I won't travel after I graduate but I would ask about tuition reimbursement things like that. :)

I've seen Drug Reps offer Fruit and donuts.. just a suggestion.



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This volunteer group does amazing things with recruitment efforts! Here is one of their table settings. They are excellent speakers and attract candidates from ALL over.


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Originally posted by LasVegasRN

This volunteer group does amazing things with recruitment efforts! Here is one of their table settings. They are excellent speakers and attract candidates from ALL over.

OMG.. !!! when can I start !!!!

Vegas that was soooo cool !!!:D :chuckle

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LVRN is a bad bad girl!


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Originally posted by adrienurse

LVRN is a bad bad girl!

hee.... hehehmn.gif


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May I just say ... THANK YOU!!! I am about to leave for work at my "before Nursing" job that I hate and I _really_ needed that! (Sshh... no one tell DH that I enjoyed that as much as I did! LOL!) Have a great night!



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You know how to keep this board perkin'. Ahhhh, how refreshing!

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