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VEGAS-LOL....never mind the bennies, where do I sign up ?!


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Vegas, love those recruiters!

Adrienne -- doughnuts and coffee are great! Chocolate chip cookies better (esp if you want to make 'em and bring 'em to save yourself some money...:))

What I want to know....

What do you pay? What is the nurse to patient ratio? What can you offer me that beats my present job?

more than anything, i would just once LOVE to have the names and phone numbers of people that actually work at the facility that would be very willing to tell me exactly what working for that specific facility is like.


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Vegas, quit posting those pictures! There are piles of panties on the floor all around the computer! :eek:

Seriously, honest talk about pay and benefits is what I think is attractive. And perhaps business cards with the info about who to contact if interested. I've never encountered anything that has turned me off or insulted me more than when the person running the table is not enthusiastic about what they're doing. I've had people act rude and inconvenienced that I had the nerve to ask them questions.



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I'm all for free donuts for anything...or free cookies or free muffins...!! :p

I don't like scary pushy people who can't seem to talk to you enough, I'm pretty shy, but I like someone who is helpful and has printed info that I can look over & save for reference.

...I also like facilities with a nice USEFUL website (meaning actual info re general pay rates & benefit offerings, one system here has a great site...other one is "ok" caters more to prospective patients) which doesn't really have anything to do with the Rep, but I'd like to receive that web page link info so I can browse and at my convenience--I'm a computer nerd :imbar :D

With that said...I'm going to see what naughty thing Vegas posted...save the best for last...

adrienurse, LPN

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The whole idea behind this little "project" of mine is the meet the students on their own terms, talk honestly about the facility -- I am no "sales chick". I am a "regular nurse" on the units and I am prepared to hook these students up with whomever they want to talk to -- as long as they keep my facility in mind when they are looking for jobs. I have hogtied our education nurse and a CNS to join me. I plan on having some fun!


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hehe. Bring along a couple of Vegas' recruiters for backup and you'll win an award from your facility! hehe.


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A nice posterboard highlighting what you have to offer, comments nurses make about working there, if they have a third party advisor for personel problems; i.e. co-worker disputes or just someone who knows how the center works who could simply offer good advise. I need a friend that would work for me. The only other question I can think of beyond what has already been posted is about retirement planning.

Thanks for asking. I am a nursing student.


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