What is your favorite specialty and why?


:nurse:Just curious as to see what are people favorite specailty area is on this board.

I personally love geriatrics and correctional nursing. Geriatric is my number one because it seem that SOME people forget about them when it comes to nursing, as MOST-not all, are interested in acute care nursing. Also, I like correctional nursing becasue I have seen some health care professinals treat people in jail/prison wrong because they are in jail/prison, which is unfair in my eyes. Just looking to hear you guys favorite specialty and why?

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I love my geriatric pts, esp dementia pts. I work in hospice and can't imagine working anywhere else. I'm currently working part time and working toward my BSN. I will def stay in hospice.


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Pediatrics. Love peds ER, but anything with kids and I'm happy :heartbeat


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ER and cardiac! I love the fast pace and the stabilization piece.

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OB/L&D/Maternity. I've always loved, loved, loved anything to do with Women's health and pregnancy and birth. The female body truly inspires me with all it can do.


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MDS Coordinator....like the Reimbursement side....and no patient care! :)


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I love ER. I thrive on fast pace and the adrenaline rush I get treating patients with MI, stroke, DKA or substance abuse OD.

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Psych. SIKE!!! no jk, really- I love Psych. I think it's fascinating because the mind is so complex. It saddens me that mental disorders may not be easily recognized and often are dismissed because of it. I love to practice the medical and non-medical approaches taken in this field. I hope to see advancement in the future for mental diseases, especially schizophrenia.


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I love women/children's health. I'm working er though.

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What is an MDS coordinator?


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I'm not a nurse yet but, I can't wait to see what others say! This is a wonderful thread! :)


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what is an mds coordinator?

a mds (minimum data set) coordinator(usually a registered nurse) is a professional who organizes the delivery of care for patients in a long-term care or medical facility.