What do you eat before work?


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I recently have had problems with hypoglycemia during the morning and I think its because I'm not eating enough breakfast. I ate two scrambled eggs and toast before my clinical and still felt a bit faint and hot when listening to morning report.

What do you eat before work/clinical and does it help keep up your blood sugar and energy?

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Was your toast whole grain/ 100% whole wheat? As you know, if it was white bread (simple carb!), that won't hold you as long. Are you drinking too much coffee or other caffeine? I used to take a homeade smoothie with me, made with fruit, ice, 3 scoops of flax seed, and a scoop of protein powder, and fresh spinach---lots of FIBER and PROTEIN, sooo good for you, and YUMMY!

Also, think about bringing some nuts---they are a nice, quick source of protein.....I keep them in the car for those times when I'm very hungry but don't want to eat a meal....good luck! :)

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if not the smoothie, another thing I'd bring with me is yogurt (LOW sugar!!!), and a couple scoops of flax seed for mid-morning when I started getting hungry after being so busy.

I work nights.. I typically have some kind of meat protein like chicken, tuna/tilapia, or steak, paired with vegetables like green beans or broccoli, sometimes red potato or sweet potato instead. I like the smoothie idea listed above! On non-work days, I like oatmeal with berries or raisins, or toast with peanut butter and cinnamon.. things like that, combinations of protein & whole grains. On work days I think it's a psychological thing - can't eat what feels like breakfast food since it's the evening! But I would not turn down whole-grain waffles & berries if they were available, with a side of greek yogurt. :)

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Oatmeal! Breakfast is at 0530, and lunch might not be until 2pm some days. Staying busy, I never notice how hungry I am until after noon.

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Oatmeal with raisins and peanut butter/pumpkin seeds...yummy and keeps me going!


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I normally eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread and a Greek yogurt. That gives me enough protein and is quick because I need every minute of sleep I can get in the morning. I often eat the sandwich in the car! You can forgo the honey if you want but I think it is too dry without it. I love the Greek yogurt because there is so much protein in it keeps you full for awhile. I normally will have 1 or 2 throughout the day as a quick snack. I am not a fan of oatmeal, eggs take too much time to make early in the morning and anything with simple carbs makes me starving in an hour.


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I have no time to ear breakfast ! LOL If I do Its something really fast like toast aand butter and jelly or something completely unhealthy hahaha. who wants to eat at 630am anyways?!?


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Depends what I'm working. Sometimes nothing or sometimes musli with yogurt

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i just started eating pita bread with peanut butter, cut up bananas, and some choc chips. Melt it in the microwave for about 20 sec. its yummy and filling! :cheeky:


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I am never hungry before work. That early in the morning the only thing I can eat is yogurt. However, I bring two hard boiled eggs with me and if I end up feeling too hungry before break they are very easy to eat quickly. I don't have problems with hypoglycemia, however. I like the smoothie idea someone suggested, though my trick with the eggs could work for you too.

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I'm a bad one but I usually eat a big breakfast with lots of protien, because I'm never sure when I'm going to have lunch in the afternoon.