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nervousnurse has 28 years experience as a ASN and specializes in NICU, Peds, Med-Surg.

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  1. "Humerus?"

    Hee hee...that's funny. I broke my humerus in FOUR places last Fall ....I think the doc/ PA/ and Xray techs got a littttttle tired of me saying "this severe humErus pain is NOT humOrous!"
  2. What was your last non healthcare related job?

    A bank teller who DESPERATELY wanted to be a nurse! I was beyond THRILLED when I finalllllly got into nursing school!
  3. "Life does not cease..."

    I'm so sorry about your sister! I always enjoy your cartoons and sense of humor. ?
  4. Ethics question, risky nurse, reckless behavior

    I used to work on a very busy rehab unit like this, and seriously---NOT seeing any of my patients the entire shift is a nightmare I have once in a while. When I wake up, I'm sooo happy it wasn't real! I have dreams/ nightmares like that about every ...
  5. Nursing Dreams and Nightmares

    I haven't worked in NICU for 18 years, yet last night, I had one of those verrrrrry long, detailed dreams about it. (I call dreams like this "epic movie dreams" and I'm surprised I didn't have a big barrel of popcorn in my bed when I woke up!) The th...
  6. How long have you been a nurse

    WOWWW !!!!!!!!!! I can barely imagine doctors smoking in a lounge, or a patient puffing away in their room....but for them to SHARE one seems kinda.....intimate. I wonder if they knew eachother ?!?!
  7. How long have you been a nurse

    I'm sorry I miss the bedside and wish I could've worked longer, too! (and p.s.....I like your avatar; I only recognize her because hubby is a huge Star Trek fan)
  8. How long have you been a nurse

    Me toooo !!!!
  9. Prefer being up all night even when not working?

    I would have LOVED this shift if it had been offered where I worked !!!! :) I loved night shift and was FINE until 7am for many years. But it got to the point where around 4 am, I felt HORRRRIBLE---I used to call it "a SICK kind of tired."
  10. Crusty Old Bats Bank

    I always enjoy your posts! :) P.S. I googled "NETY", and sure enough, google brought me to an archived post from here! HOW did we survive before the internetS? :)
  11. Prefer being up all night even when not working?

    it's nice to hear from my fellow night owls. :) I am practically useless during the day; but around 9:00 tonight, I started making spaghetti sauce, scrubbed my kitchen and now onto scrub the bathrooms!
  12. What's the nicest compliment you've gotten as a nurse?

    A sweet elderly patient said I was the kindest, most thorough nurse and asked if I could be his nurse every night.
  13. Loss of a patient

    I'm sending you many (( hugs ))!!!
  14. I'm a natural night owl and worked nights for many years and LOVED it. I felt bad for my coworkers who did NOT like nights, and only worked them because they HAD to. I'm not working currently; but I still love to be up at night! I have more energy,...
  15. Having a rough patch :(

    Wow....I'm sorry for ALL that you're dealing with !!! Sending you many ((( hugs ))))