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  1. Mnstn

    Recert for CPN

    It is time to renew my CPN certification which I've had for I think 4 years. I've been in grad school for public health this year and the nursing for I've done hasn't been pediatric related. Because of this, I don't qualify for work related hours or academic credit since it's not a nursing degree. I planned to just do several CE credits but unfortunately it looks like the bundles on their website no longer pertain to CPN recert. What do I do? Does anyone know where to get CE online? I don't mind paying for them as long as its applicable and accredited. I really don't want to lose my certification as I'm planning on going back to pediatrics after graduation.
  2. This may be a bit premature but I can't help but think about the future. I've started a MPH program with a focus on health promotion and behavorial science. I don't have clear cut goals yet but I'm interested program development and evaluation as well as health education. I feel like it would be useful to get an additional graduate degree in nursing but I'm not sure. I do not want to become a nurse practitioner or work in informatics so that generally leaves nurse education. I was curious if anyone else has had similar thoughts or experiences.
  3. I've been doing telephone triage for pediatric and adult neurology clinics for roughly 3 years. I've been burned out for so long. It's exhausting to sit all day, get yelled at on the phone and never be thanked for what I do. I answer between 50 to 70 calls per day not including call backs, result calls and occasionally PAs. You're the messenger so we take all the anger of the person on the phone, even when it's not our fault. It's awful. I'm getting away from it all in a few months with a career change but I was wondering if other nurses felt the same.
  4. Mnstn

    Anyone an Herbalist?

    Thanks everyone for your support! I started the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine since they have a weekend program and I'm in Texas but if I ever plan to go further into the advanced stuff I'll need to move closer. A lot of their students have gone on to other outside of Texas schools for additional training as well. This is just the beginning of my journey and something new I'm trying so I don't know how it'll all figure together in the future but I think that one has to follow their interests and see what happens.
  5. Mnstn

    Anyone an Herbalist?

    Hello! I am currently taking a beginner botanical medicine course with the hopes of continuing to their intermediate and professional programs eventually. I would love to somehow integrate being a practicing registered herbalist and a registered nurse. Obviously taking care to be aware of practice limitations. I am still on the beginning of this path but I'm curious if there are others.
  6. Mnstn

    Suggestion for Application

    I am considering applying for several MSN Education programs. I have a background in pediatrics but aside from that not really anything specific to education. Does anyone have suggestions for things I could do to bolster my application to make me more appealing? Volunteering, certifications or other activities?
  7. Mnstn

    Research assistant job

    I can't speak for everyone who has been hired in research nursing but I know that when I was hired as a research nurse coordinator they specifically were comfortable with someone who had no research background. I still think there would be a chance for you, especially if the area of research is focused on the age range of people you cared for inpatient and that you are comfortable with basic nursing skills like IV's and blood draws. In my interview I specifically noted why I was interested in research. I didn't make it a point to hide that I didn't have the background but reasons why I thought that research was the direction for me and why I felt I would be suited for it. Play up anything such as detail oriented, organized or comfortable talking/educating people since that relates to volunteer recruitment. If you can write a cover letter I would do that as well.
  8. Mnstn

    Fair work hours?

    Thanks for the responses. I guess I'm still confused by the grant and payment systems because I'm new to everything research still. I know that I'm not tied to a specific grant to my knowledge so I can't lose my job if it runs out. If I am I've never been informed. I know that we are working on a new pharma trial and my boss has mentioned including study coordinator fees in the budget for the sponsor but I don't know how that directly ties to me...I've never been informed I would be receiving different pay or any extra money for coordinating the new study.
  9. Mnstn

    Fair work hours?

    I've worked as a research nurse coordinator for around a month. When I interviewed I was under the impression it was a typical M-F job with the mention of an occasional Saturday if the volunteer couldn't make it during the week. What I was not made aware of is that I could be working 45 to 50 hour weeks on a 40 hr/week salary. A salary that is lower than my previous job. I was ok with this since I thought I would be happier and have a better life balance. This isn't the case. I am routinely required to come in an hour or more early and stay several hours late. Typically to walk a volunteer to MRI or get there to help set up for a study procedure. I have also been asked to work Saturdays completing procedures or to walk a patient to MRI that they couldn't have on the weekday. This adds up to many extra hours, typically with me just sitting around waiting for something to be completed. The physician doesn't seem to be bothered by putting stuff on Saturdays as long as it works with her schedule and I feel like I am being asked to keep all my Saturdays open. if I schedule something during a Saturday, there is no one I am able to ask to complete the task for me because I'm the only coordinator in my group. This isn't helping my work life balance as I typically volunteer for animal shelters on the weekend and am trying to take a graduate school course that meets on Saturdays. I can't do any of these things if I am being asked to work frequent Saturdays with no one to ask to help me. I am allowed to take a half day to make up for the overtime but that doesn't solve the issue of me having to basically keep all my weekend plans in the air in case something is scheduled for work. I'm quite frustrated. I didn't realize how much I was going to be asked to do in addition to managing 5 studies, learning how to do all nursing care and lab preparations as well. I've started to look for a new job but I hate to jump ship so quickly.
  10. Mnstn

    Best Pathway

    I am looking for guidance on the best pathway to become a forensic nurse. I've read articles but I'm a bit overwhelmed because it seems there are multiple pathways and I don't know what is best or most recommended. I am fully willing to go to a masters program if that is what is recommended, I am interested in graduate school. If it helps I am located in Texas (though this may not be my permanent home), 2.5 years of experience and certified in pediatrics. I don't have a background in ER and I've noticed in some areas that's recommended. Any advice would be appreciated!
  11. My dream is to work in a NICU. I quickly realized that wasn't going to work as most required a lot of experience. I moved onto looking at pediatric jobs, unfortunately a lot of those jobs require experience. There are two children's hospitals in my town but only one has a residency program, I'm looking into it. My question is, I have been out of school over two months, I have applied to many jobs and haven't heard back from any of them. I write cover letters, I have had my resume looked over, the only thing left is to start calling the hiring managers and hope they listen to me. If I can't find a job in pediatrics/neonatal, should I move to adults? I've looked into postpartum but many require experience as well. I'm incredibly frustrated. I've heard its hard to go from caring for adults to children plus most pediatric jobs want pediatric experience. What should I do?
  12. Mnstn

    Pediatric Neurology Nurse Practicioner

    Thank you so much for the information, it was very helpful.
  13. I am interested in pediatric neurology but I don't know how one actually becomes a pediatric neurology nurse practitioner beyond getting a masters/doctorate. Does anyone have any information about this process?
  14. Mnstn

    Not learning IV starts

    My school does not allow us and we are not taught at all. If we get the opportunity in our capstone course it is because the unit we are on is willing to teach us.
  15. Mnstn

    Not learning IV starts

    I am a senior nursing student in Seattle. My school does not learn how to start IVs and while we are allowed to learn to start them in our final quarter, only students in the ER really learn. I don't think it is just my school. Why is this? Is there some state regulation about not allowing nursing students to start IVs? I have friends in other states who learned in school.
  16. Mnstn

    Seattle University

    I received an email regarding their open house programs. There is one on April 4th and one on April 18th. When you received your acceptance packet there should have been a student email assigned to you. If you check that there may be an email about the open houses. I am doing the BSN program and plan to start in the fall (I think September?) Financial aid is the main reason I am not sure I can go to Seattle even though its my dream school at this point! They gave me a small scholarship (and anything helps) but its not enough. I am currently in the process of begging family members for loans/donations.