What are the 3 most dislike RN duties in demand?


I am a LVN student curious to know what are the 3 most dislike RN duties in demand that's in the scope practice of a LVN?

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That's a strange thing to just suddenly become curious about ...homework?

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Nope not homework :) I've just learned at an early age that its always good to stay current with skills and etc and as a nursing student soon to be new grad, I would like to use my last few months of clinical rotation wisely :)


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Everyone is different. I hate placing NG tubes. And I'm sick to death of the AM med pass. I love, love, love educating my patients!

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Thank you OKinOKC,RN . We are learning NG tubes in clinical rotation on a mannequin now and on soon hope to perform one on a patient hopefully this last level :)

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I agree that everyone is different. There also aren't many technical things that an RN does and an LVN cannot. I think the most helpful LVNs just make it a point to do something if their patients have a lot of IV medications that I'm covering and I can't easily get to my own patients in a timely manner. That could be anything from a dressing change to simply getting someone a cup of ice. I can't say that I've ever thought of delegating tasks to an LVN just because I don't like doing the tasks.


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NG tubes are easy, Dobhoff placement even with Cortrak is annoying. Looped in the gastric antrum again.....


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I hate suctioning. It's needed, i usually have no choice in the matter, but blech.

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Interesting topics . keep them coming :) Yes, suctioning in Sub Acute was something getting used to in clinicals as well as trachs and vents

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I hate suctioning. It's needed, i usually have no choice in the matter, but blech.

Yep, me too. I will gladly pay another nurse to do this. I don't mind feet, eyeballs, NGTs, GI bleeds, even C-Diff. But please don't make me suction.

I could hurl just thinking about it.

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I hate doing vaginal creams, and I can't clean up puke.

I will suction the heck out of your patient and change the colostomy if you clean up my patient that threw up everywhere.

I also hate wound vacs!