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  1. LightMyFire

    Who cleans the poo?

    I'll remove trash from a full can but I absolutely would not sort trash because the bag is too heavy. Nor will I strip linens from a checkout room. For the most part our housekeeping department is useless. We have few good ones. I am not going to let admin think that nursing staff will just pick up general housekeeping duties in addition to the ridiculous ratios and lack of support staff we put up with. As for the original question, nursing staff is responsible, making it pointless to even call them after the fact.
  2. LightMyFire

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    On my unit only the nurses had stockings and candy :)
  3. LightMyFire

    No Respect.

    I agree that in some situations respect has decreased. We need to demand that respect back. Diplomacy always is important though. Usually patients and family members can be appeased. When the patient can't, document. Noncompliance is not YOUR problem. Family members? My patient is my priority, not the family. And in my ICU family members interfering with care are removed. Diplomacy first though. I can usually get them to my way of thinking by explaining with authority what's what.
  4. LightMyFire

    Feeling Guilty

    If not, you can always go back once you're a little older and more confident.
  5. LightMyFire

    are there any Assisted Living nurses out there?

    I think I'd love to score an AL job. I'm so sick of med-surg.
  6. LightMyFire

    What is the drug of choice in your area?

    Opioids and meth.
  7. LightMyFire

    Feeling dread all over again.

    I know how you feel. I'm in a new job and there are differences and I don't have the relationships built up either. I don't have advice, just commiserating. We did it before, we'll do it again.
  8. LightMyFire

    Would you ever consider being a correctional nurse/np?

    Students always have ideas about where they want to work or what they think they will like. These can change as TheNurseStudentMom states. What's more important is that your qualities and goals are in line with your chosen field. Personally, I love med-surg. I like walkie-talkies. I love the educating patients. Dementia tests my patience levels. I like to see them progress to discharge. Not so keen on death, even with dignity. I believe that correctional nursing is a much-needed specialty but one that requires the ability to be assertive and a good understanding of therapeutic communication. Is it for me? No. But there are those who will find their niche there. No specialty is above or beneath another.
  9. LightMyFire

    Med-Surg Certification

    I also want to get med-surg certified. Any tips on CEUs?
  10. LightMyFire

    New nurse on GI unit?

    Yes. My floor does postops, with TURPs, TURBTs, and gynos (TAH, TVH, with the occasional ectopics and D&Cs with excessive blood loss). You'll learn about meds, IVF, blood administration, CBI, postop assessment and resulting interventions, pain management, basic wound care, foley care (heavy in both GU and OB surgeries), to name a few. As much as I hated CBI when I was new, I'd take the TURPs over the colostomy takedowns any day. Good luck!!
  11. LightMyFire

    OCCC fall 2016

    Talk to an advisor. The health professions advisor is hard to get in to see so see a regular advisor. Have you done any prereqs?
  12. LightMyFire

    To take the sign on bonus or not...

    Sjalv, I hope it works out for you. If you're at my place of employment, I wish you even more luck. We can't get experienced nurses and pretty much only hire new grads. I am really starting to wish I'd signed a contract as a new grad though. I could have used the cash!
  13. LightMyFire

    To take the sign on bonus or not...

    My facility has been luring new grads with these bonuses. They are regretting their situation immediately.
  14. LightMyFire

    Nurse Burnout

    Its the same at my hospital. Move on. I am.
  15. LightMyFire

    75 yr old African American with skin ulcer

    You're on the right track as far as your physical assessment goes. Are there educational needs? Assessment needs to include other factors besides just physical needs.
  16. LightMyFire

    What can I do with my license?

    There are many things you can do with your license, depending on your degree. Most of them that don't involve "floor nursing" require experience. You get that by working in the trenches (hospital floor, LTC, etc.).