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  1. That Magic 1 Year Mark

    Yes! I think the magic one year experience does open up plenty more options for you! Make a calendar and count down the months! You can do it!
  2. reading EKGs- an advanced privilege?

    I am an fnp im family practice. All of the the nps in my Practice, including 2 with 20+ years experience, are required to have a physician sign off on ekgs. Not sure if it is the hospital systems policy or my state's (new jersey) policy. But the stat...
  3. Written Job Offer Rescinded=jobless

    I also have had issues with references after recieving a written offer for a job. The new employer stated my last hospital did not say favorable things about me (which i was VERY surprised to hear). The new employer asked for an additional reference...
  4. PECOS ID or NPI login

    Yep my office manager asked for mine. It was kind of awkward to give someone my login info but apparently its common for the employer to monitor your status of credentialing etc.
  5. Working an 8-5 clinic job and doing clinicals?

    Unless you already have preceptors lined up for you that have agreed to precept you on the weekends, I would caution against it. Preceptors are hard to find for np students as it is for weekday hours, there are only a limited number of settings that ...
  6. Dilemma: choosing between ADN vs ABSN

    If you go the adn route now, how long will it take you to get your bsn after that? Also where do you want to work as a nurse and where are you located. If you want to be in the hospital setting, many cities will only hire bsn prepared nurses. If you ...
  7. FAQ for Student Nurse Practitioners (Part One)

    Thanks for posting! I think this will be helpful to current and future students. Your advice and past posts have helped me during my NP education and now my job!
  8. Are NPs staff or providers?

    In the outpatient office I work at, the NPs are considered providers and grouped with the physicians. Everyone else is called "the staff" and that includes MAs, schedulers, front desk etc.
  9. Bad job reference from my what?

    I spent a lot of time making thoughtful and helpful replies and so did other posters. You cannot just blame NETY and say the other person is being mean when you have a disagreement with someone. Welcome to the workforce, this post shows you are not R...
  10. Bad job reference from my what?

    Your reference did not think you have the knowledge to practice. You must have performed satisfactory to the schools passing standards but a personal letter of recc for employment is more then whether you are satisfactory for passing. They ask questi...
  11. Contacting patient after discharge

    When i worked in oncology, some of my fellow nurses were friends w long term patients on facebook. Sometimes they would even get together outside of The hospital. I just assumed that this was against the nursing professional conduct/judgement/ethics ...
  12. Lost!

    It will take a few weeks. Nj is not as fast as some of the other states at posting license numbers.
  13. Bad job reference from my what?

    This sounds like a good idea!!! This is completely different then ur situation, but might help you feel better knowing that ppl do eff up and you might be able to correct them/show their lying in other ways (such as your clinical evals). Just recentl...
  14. Unhappy CNA on night shift. Help?

    You did the right thing picking up a job in a hospital while in nursing school! It will Certainly pay off. Do you think the nightshift is getting to you? 3 overnights plus whatever school work you have sounds overwhelming. Can you transfer to days? ...
  15. Bad job reference from my what?

    This whole situation sucks. It sucks that this professor took the energy to write a bad letter. There is a difference in writing a passing clinical eval and writing a good recommendation letter. As a PP said, Just bc they pass you in clinical doesnt ...