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  1. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    That Magic 1 Year Mark

    Yes! I think the magic one year experience does open up plenty more options for you! Make a calendar and count down the months! You can do it!
  2. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    FAQ for Student Nurse Practitioners (Part One)

    Thanks for posting! I think this will be helpful to current and future students. Your advice and past posts have helped me during my NP education and now my job!
  3. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Quit job by phone call?

    I resigned my last nursing job via phone call to my nurse manager and a follow up email. I resorted to phone call bc I worked night shift, it was a friday and wouldn't see her for a few days and I wanted to give my required four weeks asap. I've never called and resigned on the spot.
  4. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Considering a Job in Urgent Care

    I work as an RN in an urgent care. I honestly do not know why I am there. And the company is slowly realizing that too. Employing RNs in an urgent care setting is a waste. They should be utilizing LPNs and Mas since they are able to perform the same job except IVP yet there is always a provider there to do that if necessary. Your nursing skills and assessment will not advance themselves in this setting. The only thing I use my stethoscope for is blood pressures-no assessment skills what so ever. If you are an EMT, i think you will find this setting extremely boring. You do need to act quickly when an emergency comes in (MI, stroke etc) however the only thing you do is call 911 and start an EKG, line, oxygen and wait for EMS. Why are you leaving your current job after only 3 months? Your first job as a newgrad is always overwhelming and anxiety prone, however I think the urgent care is not a great fit for new grad RNs.
  5. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Bedside Reporting

    I agree that the quality of report has plummeted. However, I do like that both the oncoming and leaving nurse go and eyeball the patient and introduce myself, if they are awake. When the Nm is not around, most nurses do a modified bedside report where they will do normal report outside the room or at the nurses station and then just go in to eyeball the patient. Although, we get told frequently that we are not supposed to do it this way 😊
  6. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    No injections through a tattoo?

    I have wondered about this. I am under the impression that it is ok. I have started IVs on patients with sleeves and given IM injections through deltoid area tattoos before. Although, i will try to avoid it if there is a better non-tattooed location. Although I am not sure why I try to avoid it?
  7. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    New grads are expensive...really?

    My floor gives new grads 12 weeks orientation (including one week of hospital orientation). Experienced nurses (greater than 6 mos experience) get the same 1 week hospital orientation and SIX shifts with a preceptor on the floor. For my hospital, orientation (paying a preceptor and new employee) for new grads is four times more expensive than experienced nurses. Of course experienced nurses are earning more money per hour which would factor in. But overall, if we are looking at the cost of the preceptor, new grad orientation is significantly longer than non new grad.
  8. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Stuck myself with dirty needle - please help.

    Then follow up if you develop a nonhealing open wound. Otherwise, no tb.
  9. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    How to prepare to be a Family Nurse Practitioner

    Many of my classmates worked in the ED and said this helped them with their NP schooling since they took care of a range of illnesses. During my last year of Np school, I worked at an urgent care. It was helpful to see the same illnesses at work that I was seeing at clinical and discussing treatment plans with the provider I was working with, however I really didnt continue to develop any nursing assessment skills at the urgent care. The only thing I used my stethoscope for was blood pressures. They did not want the nurses to listen or exam the patient at all to save time. However, im sure you could if you really wanted to. If you want to work at an urgent care as an Np, I would get experience in ED. Because emergencies do walk into the urgent care. I am working in primary care, but I know I would not feel as confident seeing emergencies in urgent care since I do not have a strong emergency background that many of the other NPs/PAs have in this setting.
  10. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Stuck myself with dirty needle - please help.

    How would you get tuberculosis from a needle stick? But besides that, sounds like you have followed protocol and are covered in terms of blood borne pathogens. Get retested at intervals recommended by the hospital/school.
  11. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    honeymoon during orientation

    I agree, if the you are planning on taking the nclex in July, there is a very real chance you may not start work until after Sept. The NICU job is not guaranteed yet? If you dont get that job (but I hope you do!), it can take over 6 months for a new grad to find a job. Then this whole thing would be irrelevant.
  12. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    What to do when coworkers exclude you?

    Make sure they know you want to join! They likely think otherwise. Be open about it and just say that sounds like fun and ask if you can come along next outing you hear about! I know that's hard to do, but it will be worth it!
  13. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    honeymoon during orientation

    A female I started in orientation with took 2 weeks off for her wedding and honeymoon. She told our manager after the job was offered to her but before she accepted about her already planned trip. They gave her off for those requested weeks without pay. It wasnt a big deal at all. I am not sure if she had previous connections to the floor/manager/hospital prior to her employment.
  14. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Advice Needed: School/Finances

    Option 1-keep renting. I cut down from FT to PT at work once my fnp clinicals started. I was surely glad to keep my sanity! You want to make sure you have enough time to dedicate towards your studies so that you are the best prepared np you can be!
  15. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Took the plunge, applied for UC job!

    Interviews are stressful no matter what, even if it is more of a formality. Especially if theyre making you wait so long!!!!! Just remember, act confident ( even if you arent) and keep telling yourself that he already knows you so you dont need to prove how awesome you are!
  16. BiotoBSNtoFNP

    Took the plunge, applied for UC job!

    Looks like you are very prepared! during the interview of the job I accepted, the physician asked mainly about my clinical experiences-how many patients I was seeing, what type, level of independence etc. at the urgent care interviews I had, they asked abt my nursing experience and how that related to this position, how comfortable I felt with xray interpretation, suturing, ortho stabilizing, peds, gero etc. overall, my np interviews were much less strenuous than all of my rn interviews. They seemed more personality based amd whether I "meshed" well with the other staff.