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What is this? Dermatological question.


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Is there any way to post a more clear photo? Hard to make out what it's a picture of...


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Ugh, I can't make the photo smaller, and now I can't figure out how to just delete the post! Sorry everyone...

I downloaded the picture and could then see it very clearly. Looks like my back did when I had shingles. Maybe a type of herpes?


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Herpes Simplex type 1?


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Grammy, good idea...I didn't think to do that with the photo but in my defense, I am a Cave Nurse.

Dattebayo...Do you know the history of how it developed, as in did the area start with a few lesions and grew out slowly, which would indicate impetigo or some bacterial infection versus if that area of lesions kinda just popped up, which would indicate shingles. That's what I'm thinking, as far as Cave Nursing goes.


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6 year old child. Started on tip of nose a month ago, but went away. Child with runny nose and area has returned, bigger this time. None are open or crusty. My question, if it IS a herpes rash, is he ok to be in school, so long as nothing is open or weeping? We don't have a standing policy on that. I do have another nurse in the school system I can call, but I wanted to come into the conversation at least a little bit educated. I am a new school nurse, about 2 months in.

Thank you!

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Rashes are the most common issue in children and hardest to diagnose. I would send child home with physician referral and clearance, but I am in a private and have that latitude. All my kids are covered by insurance and save a few staff kids, can afford the co-pay.


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In Texas public school...if the diagnosis is Shingles, the blisters must be covered with clothing or a dressing until they are dried up. Basically the same is required if it is a diagnosis of Impetigo. Otherwise, they must be excluded from school. But...you do need a MD diagnosis. Sometimes that gets tricky.


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Image resized/edited.

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Our school would require an MD diagnosis and plan of care outlining possible school exclusion. Derm is hard, and a 6 year old?! They touch everything!

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hard to say - could be anything from mrsa to allergic reaction gone inflamed to the afore mentioned impetego or herpes simplex. .I agree - kiddo needs to see a doc asap and needs to be clear to come back to school.


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Thanks guys! Student went home, with directions to parents to return with note from MD.

Thanks guys! Student went home, with directions to parents to return with note from MD.

Did you ever figure out what it was??


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Looks like herpes, but I would love to know what it was...

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