What are the best shoes to wear to work?

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Here's what I've tried:

1. Anywears: comfy but lack of support hurt my back. Feet were fine, back ached.

2. Nursemates: semi-comfy but hard to walk in as mine are clogs. Not comfortable enough to want to buy another pair with a heel to try.

3. Dasko: by far the best for my back. My feet were pleased for the first couple of months. After that, the hard sole made my feet extremely callosed, so now I can't walk on hard floors barefoot without pain. Even getting in the shower in the morning hurts. I've tried creams and pumice stones, it's getting a little better, but not completely resolved. I tried inserts, too much arch support.

Any other ideas?

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Nikes! (Insert sneaker of choice). What else cushions and comforts your foot for all that walking and twisting and turning. I would never wear anything else other than a really good sneaker.


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I, personally love the Hush Puppies Bounce. I have tried several other brands including Easy Spirit, Cherokee Rocker, SAS, NurseMates, Reebok. I am currently on my 2nd pair of Skeechers clogs and I like those, because

I hate wearing shoes, and I can just slip them off when I am sitting. Cannot get into fast walk/run mode in them though. Whatever type of shoe you go with, just make sure they fit properly and give good support. The types of shoes out there are just as varied as the people who buy and wear them. Hope this helps.

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Once again, Im sure this is individual but I have tried my running shoes, cherokee rockers and my body hurts less when I wear the R Clogz by Cherokee. They are super light and cushiony and the only thing that allowed me to work while 9+ months pregnant!


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Dr Martins, air cushion soles


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I use a white NIKE sneakers. They're very comfy and I can stand on my feet for 12 hrs without discomfort.

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I absolutely love Birkenstocks.


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Have to vote for the Birkenstocks also. I was wearing New Balance but my feet, knees and back ached all the time. I just got the Birkenstock C120s and they're great. They're hideous and $120, but if they help me get through a 12 hour day more comfortably, then so be it! I'm finding that my attitude toward shoes for work is becoming more and more similar to my attitude toward bathing suits and jeans--if they're comfortable and/or they make me look skinnier, I'll pay anything and I'll probably get 3 or 4 pairs ;)


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I buy the New Balance slip on sneakers. They are awesome and comfy. People always remark on how nice looking they are.

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I wear Klogz brand clogs... they are plastic, comfy(kinda like stretchy and flexable), and dishwasher safe... (like you can clean them in there b/c after work the shoes are always grody.) the insoles can be handwashed....

they also dont carry static... which is a good thing... bad thing is that they are plastic, and your feet get hot in there..

I liked sneakers too... wore nike's... and some green duds from parade of shoes (they dont carry the model anymore)


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Birk's are great. Recently I bought a pair of Clogeze, because I was low on cash and they are actually pretty good. I can easily make it through 12 hours without my feet hurting:)


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i alternate between klogz and a cheaper brand because they are easier to clean when i have to go to a clinic and look nice.

has anyone tried [color=#483d8b]ryka? i heard that they were made for women's feet.:)

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