What annoys you the most about your nursing coworkers?


Whenever I work with certain nurses I just hate the fact that in the beginning of the shift they fight over assignments and sometimes this takes so much time... It's so unprofessional and patients can actually hear these nurses. Honestly, I'm a new grad and I have never complained. I just take whatever patients other nurses gives me or do not want and I'm good to start my day.

As a New GRAD I hear of horror stories of nurses have emotional breakdown or stress when they step into the hospital but I'm so optimistic about everything and I help out all the nurses on the floor as well as complete my assignment. I've been a shining star and have been awarded the daisy award just last month... NOTE I've only been working for 10 months.

For some reason, I don't feel stressed at work like a lot of new grads and I don't get any anxiety... Is that weird to not experience????

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As another new nurse, I do not think it is weird that you do not get stressed out. Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I took patients the others did not want and just did my job. The thing that bothers me most about other nurses is the lack of effective nursing care. They do not understand pain management and will not give a PRN medication unless the patient specifically asks for it. A patient complained about pain constantly but no one would give him his hydrocodone because it was PRN. Also, they would do accuchecks 4 times a day on patients and give no insulin in return. Even though I showed them how to talk to the doctors to get the accuchecks reduced or stopped, which reduced thier work load and was better for the patient, they still were not capable of proactive care. Congrats on your well deserved success and I am sure you will continue to grow.


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I don't understand. Why wouldn't they give prn hydrocodone? That's the purpose of prn. To go as needed and he sounded like he needed it!

What annoys me most about my co-workers? Nothing annoys me about the majority of them; most are kind, compassionate human beings. A tiny percentage of them are manipulative button-pushers that drive me crazy b/c misery enjoys company. I try not to play their game.

What annoys me the most is how much more experienced and knowledgeable they are than me! Haha :) I feel like a dunce compared to them, and the frequency of the circles they run around me is amazing.

I like my coworkers, and for the most part if I don't like their personality, I try my hardest to avoid them and keep my head down and not become a target.

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These ones: one who whines and complains about absolutely everything, one who does her best to get out of doing as much as possible, and one who talks like a valley girl and talks constantly about going out and drinking-not the time or place to do that. Those three I avoid because they annoy me so I stay out of their way and conversations and my day goes much smoother. The rest are great!

how stupid some are ( i am not a genius by any means) , unecficient and sliw then expect you to help them, resentful or jealous of not being friends sith the "cool" nurses, annoys me when some of them talk to me , just ask me work questions if you have to , otherwise leave me alone period!


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That I get treated like a new grad after 2 years of experience! My night co workers don't do it, but day shift acts like I am fresh out of school. I even worked as a nurse tech before my RN! I went straight to labor and delivery after graduation, take one to two labors a night and do postpartum and nursery, while these older nurses sit back and watch. I learn a lot from them, but a little more respect would be nice. I am good enough to be charge and take high risk patients, I wish they would be a little more supportive.


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What annoyed me were the nurses and techs who'd come running in about ten minutes late and want report RIGHT NOW! I was all set to give you report when it was due, but when you were late, decided to make a quick run to the john since my drive home was 30 miles long. Those were also the people who kept interrupting me with questions that would have been answered during report a few minutes later, if they'd only listened and kept their lips zipped.

I worked 7 pm to 7 am and after 12 hours, all I wanted was to go home and collapse!


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Most recently......those that post on social media and public forums about how they have no time to pee, the thankless career that is nursing, never get to eat lunch, have to stay late to chart, never get any help, etc.

these are the same people who are on their phone or the Internet all night at work, spinning in circles, apprehensive patients, poor time management and prioritizing skills.

Don't get me wrong, I have has off nights and have posted here to vent before. 9/10 shifts I am on my game and get stuff done. I always get a lunch, bathroom breaks and am still able to chart as I go, keep my patients happy and well taken card if and still get out on time. And don't leave work for the next shift because "I didn't have time. "


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Yes, some co workers that I have had to deal with can make any day go sour in a hurry, fighting over the assignments, staying on their cell phones due to family drama, voicing out their family drama staying hidden during most of the shift. Yes, we all have family drama but keep it at home please. I have been nursing for over 15 years now, and I usually take the harder patients and the heavier load just to get the day started as I know others would whine about it. Plus, it keeps me busy.

It just amazes me after getting to know them, that they have been at this hospital for several years with their drama and others come and go. Very Toxic at where I USE TO WORK.


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Ditto, but that can lead you to be in the manager's office for not being a team player, though you are helping taking care of their patients due to them being in the break room on their phone... bla bla bla... yep been there, done that.