What advice would you give your 19 year old self?

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NurseOnAMotorcycle, ASN, RN

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Clearly there is something wrong with me because I am almost completely the opposite of everyone here...

1. Skydiving, ziplining, hot air ballooning! Do it!

2. Europe/Asia! See it!

3. Camping, road tripping, laughing! (Yes!)

4. Go find the New York Fairy Fest, or Florida's Mermaid Parade. See Mardi Gras, Superbowl, Sturgis.

5. Teach English abroad, learn a foreign language.

Stay away from drugs, alcohol, crime. Love your family even if you don't get along because they're the only family you've got.

Pack as many good memories into your life as possible so that people finally start to think you are a liar when you tell them about all of the different things you've experienced. "Well once in Brazil... ...but on the other hand the Mermaids told me..." I know I won't be an old person looking back on my life and wishing that I fill in the blank. I'd rather sit in my wheelchair and wish I could go back and do it again! Even married with children I occasionally throw the family in the car and go find some clean adventure.



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I would say.....don't marry her, she will ruin your life utterly and completely.



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Leave the boys or girls alone. They will always be there focus on school.

Wish I would have known joining the military was another option for paying for school too.

Who cares if people call you a nerd, study, study study. Wish I would have listened to this advice at that age. I would have focused and gone to medical school instead. Not that nursing is bad it was plan B instead of my plan A.

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klone, MSN, RN

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Oh yeah, and start putting money away into an IRA now. Don't wait until you're 30!



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That boy is an idiot and a total waste of your time.



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- Your roommate is into you, stop waiting

- Your other roommate is going to start smoking crack in less than two years, so save up and move out

- Get your Canadian citizenship before you move back to the US, you diabetic idiot

- In two years you'll meet someone awesome and spend six years with them... but make it three and you'll be happier

- Don't buy the white Subaru Legacy

... I was always focused on school to the exclusion of relationships. I'd actually tell myself to loosen up a little and date more.



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See that guy and his batsh*t crazy family?? They will be YOUR batsh*t crazy family if you don't RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!!



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My advice to my 19-year-old self would have been:

-Dump the stupid boyfriend. He's not good for you and contributes nothing positive for your life.

-Figure out what you really want to do with your life and go for it. No more skating by.

-Ditch the toxic "best friend" that is no friend at all.

-Start believing in yourself. You're smarter than you realize.

-Learn how to better manage your money.

I'm glad for the experiences that I have had that have led me to where I am now, but I certainly could have made life easier for myself back then by following that list...


futurepsychrn, ADN

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Don't wait until your children are grown to go back to school! You could have made their life so much better than it was.

Don't stay with him because you think it has to get better, it won't!

Listen to your mother! She loves you and wants what's best for you. You think she's trying to control you, but she's standing outside the situation and can see the truth more clearly than you can.

The 1st time, the VERY 1st time, he raises a hand to you or verbally abuses you, RUN, don't walk away!



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Seems like every person on here has mentioned boy regrets!

Such heartbreakers.

Hope a good lesson was learned at least.

jifferte, BSN, MSN, RN

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Great thread! Unfortunately I was both head strong and immature so to the 19yo Jules:

*Wear your bikini 24/7 and have multiple pictures taken because you will not always be able to get out of speeding tickets with little more than a hair flip and snug tank top. PS If you think there are flaws now wait 30 years

*Boys in bands while broodingly hot and exciting are not statistically likely to be much more than a fun distraction for the short term

*Stop smoking for Pete's sake its smelly, bad for you and expensive

*Do not quit college, just because you can make way more money than the uncool bookworms graduating from school with their brand new degree. Slinging liquor isn't a long term solution. Although you are having an outrageous time right now you are wasting your brain and will have to work extraordinarily hard in later years to play catch up.

*Marry one of those uncool bookworms

*Go to vet or med school, duh

Oof I could've written this! I should add:

Run naked on the beach because you will only look like this for a limited time.

Finish school now, the whole she-bang. Grad school is much harder with a family.

He's not your soul mate. Your soul mate is still in high school. (Robbed the cradle)

Get out of the unsupportive, unhealthy environment that is your parents home now!

Stop tanning, wear sunscreen. Stop trying to "beat the sun" home. Drink water. Clubbing till 4 does not count as exercise.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself.

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