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  1. Lying on a job application

  2. St. Louis University ABSN

  3. Anything worth having is hard and you have to work really hard. I am not sure how much time you are putting in your studies. Everyone has given you good advice but I will tell you this, if you are not disciplined with your studies right now, it wil...
  4. Teacher Wants to Medicate Pre-Schooler

    I have been afraid this might be my son. He will be turning 6 in January and his ability to not sit still, always stimulated and no personal space boundaries has been worrying me. We let him start first grade this year and I am worried sick already...
  5. US Citizen Wants to Apply to Canadian Nursing Program

    I don't want to jump to conclusions so I will ask you, why Canada? I find it difficult to believe that you are just all of a sudden interested in applying to Canadian programs and go through the nuisances of obtaining a study visa and then coming ...
  6. 9/5 What I learned this week.....

    Thanks for this ixchel. Forward I go:)

    I would advice you to do a search on the site about your questions. There a lot of threads on these two schools and a lot of advice that could help you:) Good luck!
  8. 9/5 What I learned this week.....

    I've learned: 1. Having surgery is no joke and that I still need to work on my patience. I was so sure I was doing good;) 2. Even though I have a great GP, it's time to end our relationship. She called to 'lecture' me because she had heard from h...
  9. What do you mean you're sick? How dare you!

    I am not a nurse but one of my supervisors is so stupid that he never wants to believe something is really wrong with you. Last year when my husband called my work that my dad had suddenly died, he wanted me to send in a death certificate to prove t...
  10. St. Louis University ABSN

  11. Hello! I figured it would be a good idea to start a thread for 2016. I am so nervous about applying but so excited about starting nursing school next year. My situation is a little unique. I am also applying to two schools in the US for the Accele...
  12. University of Alberta Nursing After Degree 2015

    Sandy so you already have applied for next year? Does U of A do early decision admissions?
  13. University of Alberta Nursing After Degree 2015

    I think a Facebook page is only for those students who have been accepted and most of them are closed groups. Have you done all your pre-reqs? What is your undergraduate degree in?
  14. University of Alberta Nursing After Degree 2015

    We should start a 2016 thread for some of us who will be applying next year so that we can encourage each other. My degree is from the US in Communications. I will have to retake my Microbiology and Physiology to get an A so that I am very competiti...
  15. Working OT helped me to pay....

    This is why I hound your posts all the time. I wish I knew you irl. You motivate me and no I am not a creep:)