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  1. futurepsychrn

    DON lied.

    I got the other job I turned down to take this one. Thank goodness! From talking to other employees this is ,by far, not the first time the DON has lied to pull in prospective employees. How can you be an RN and lie like that. What about accountability for your actions? SMH in disbelief.
  2. futurepsychrn

    DON lied.

    I called the other job on my way home from work today. It's a hospital and they need RN's so I'm hoping I can get another job offer. I really loved working skilled and I'm hoping to keep in that field.
  3. futurepsychrn

    DON lied.

    So here's a question. Started a new job at an LTC/Skilled facility 3 weeks ago. I was hired as the Unit Manager of the Skilled Unit. I'm a new nurse (worked 5 months at a hospital on the skilled floor). Now, my common sense told me you don't hire a new nurse with 5 months experience as a Unit Manager, but they promised extensive training, so I figured what the heck. Hours were to be 10-6 M-F and on call every other weekend. Last day of my 2 week floor orientation and I go to the DON and ask about my schedule for the next week. She says M-F 7a -3p. I ask when the 10-6 starts. She says "It doesn't, where did you get that". I said you told me that in the interview. She said " I never said that". I was absolutely floored. I wouldn't have taken a 7a-3p shift. I don't do mornings, never have. Went to HR and explained what had happened and also explained that I have absolutely no clue what my job entails because I had only been trained to pass meds and do skin treatments etc. Also the supposed "Skilled Facility" is just an extension of the LTC that they call Skilled. I turned down another job on a skilled floor of a hospital to take this job because I thought the smaller, closer atmosphere would suit me better. I also found out the person they hired before me (a more experienced nurse) lasted 1 day and actually told the DON "Oh hell no" on her way out the door. Advice? Thoughts?
  4. futurepsychrn

    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "We offer 1-stop shopping!"
  5. futurepsychrn

    Bullying by Nurses and CNa

    I agree with the OP. First job out of nursing school, the good ole boy system was in full force. The nurses that had been there 10+ years had their way of doing things and if you chose to defy them you were out plain and simple. The floor director was new to her position and I give her kudos for trying, however because we were so short staffed she was trying not to tick off the long-term nurses before she could find replacements. Understandable. I tried the chain of command, clear up to the DON in the hospital. Know what that got me? The reputation of being a tattletale. I went to her twice! I never saw her, because I worked midnight. The final straw came the night the charge nurse whispered to everyone(in a voice loud enough I could hear mind you), not to say anything to me because I told the floir director everything that was said. Not even close! If that were true they all would have been disciplined long before that! I did my 12 hour shift with people only speaking to me when "absolutely necessary" from nurses to PCT's, went home, called the DON and resigned that morning. I'm not in high school and refuse to play high school clique games. I also refuse to gossip about every single person behind their back and be nice to their face. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, bullying is alive and well. My mental health is worth much much more than a job.
  6. futurepsychrn

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    Thank you ☺
  7. futurepsychrn

    How old were you when you started nursing school?

    52 when I started, 54 when I graduated last August. Got 4 job offers right away, just started work a month ago. Never, ever too late.
  8. futurepsychrn

    Medication Routine

    I'm working a non-acute skilled care unit in a hospital. 1worjedked 7a-7p now on 7p-7a. Because I'm orienting I'm by their eide the whole shift.
  9. futurepsychrn

    42 Years Old - Is it too late to become a nurse?

    Just passed the NCLEX and I'm 54. Never too late!
  10. futurepsychrn

    Medication Routine

    So I'm a new nurse with my 1st nursing position and I have a question for the seasoned nurses out there. I just started a new job and the patient ratio is around 8:1. I've noticed that on the 7a-7p shift it takes over 4 hours to pass morning meds. BGM's that should be done before meals are being done when people are actually eating their meals and coverage has been as late as noon for 8 a.m. insulin. Am I just being picky or does something seem really off in this scenario? I know I'm a new nurse, however I'm pretty sure it's important for people to get insulin coverage in a timely manner. And I can't see how it takes 4-5 hours to pass morning meds, especially since there are no assessments being done at the same time. In fact, I haven't seen one assessment done, except the one I did the other day on a new admission. How can a person give report on someone they haven't assessed? How do you know their lungs are clear? You never listened to them. The only thing you know is that you gave them meds and went on. Please tell me I'm not crazy and that something is really wrong here. I realize the real world is very unlike nursing school, but come on.
  11. futurepsychrn

    New Grad Struggling

    Where in the heck are you? I live in WV, I'm a new nurse (since January 10, 2017, I'm 54 years oldand I have had 5 job offers in the last month. Maybe you need to boost your resume and practice interview skills. Does your school have a career counselor? If so, go to them and ask for help with both of these things. Goid luck.
  12. futurepsychrn

    Moving to the Nurse Forum

    No, I graduate August 19th. It is exciting though!
  13. futurepsychrn

    Moving to the Nurse Forum

    I just finished my last nursing class! All I have left is the Capstone Review Class and a predictor test in 8 weeks. I got an awesome job on an Oncology MedSurg floor in a hospital near my home town. In WV I can work for 3 months as a graduate nurse with a temporary permit before taking the NCLEX. So here's my question, do I get to switch from AN Students to AN Nurses yet? By the way, thank you to everyone who gave me advice (even when I didn't want to hear it). You helped me make it through and changed me into a professional.
  14. futurepsychrn

    1st Job Interview

    Thank you so much for your advice! I got the job!!!!!! Oldest in my class and the 1st to get a job and it's a really good one. I truly appreciate your help.
  15. futurepsychrn

    Reasons for not getting into a for profit school?

    If someone "slips" in, trust me they will soon "slip" right back out, especially at the "for profit" school I attend. Yes, almost everyone who can pass the TEAYS gets in, but many don't survive the rigors of nursing school. We have testing from ATI, which is 3 strikes your out, that tends to weed out those who slip in.