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we had a visitor steal a bottle of diprovan out of the ER . It was sitting on the counter, we had done a concious sedation and had pulled an extra bottle but didn't need it....for a while, 2 nurses thought the other one put it back in the pyxis...when the descrepency showed up...wow!....so one of the nurses calls and told the patient that we KNEW her visitor took in due to hidden cameras...BLUFF!...we had to call the police unless we got it back...well we got it back unopened and sealed, his excuse????.."l thought it was milk"....right Eienstien!


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Had a pt couple weeks back, FOB was definitely "off". During most of the labor she was appropriate enough.....but we all had suspicions. She began prenatal care at 35wks, she was now 37 1/2. G10P3. Positive tox screen at first prenatal visit.

I didn't leave that room, something just didn't seem right....like they were WAITING for me to leave. Well, another nurse came to break me and I told her to keep her eyes open. When I left, pt was A&Ox3.....came back 15 minutes later and she was STONED out of her mind! Other nurse said she saw $$ changing hands....thought it was 100. FOB left and returned.

To make a REAL long story shorter.....pt had shot something up while I was gone. Stayed on constant ob for rest of labor. Fortunately, baby came out perfect......BUT (you KNOW there has to be more to this right??:D ) She began bleeding out pretty badly.....doc asks for another 20 pit iv. I go to draw it up and guess what's missing? All my syringes. I could have screamed....and nearly did! They stole them all. Yes, I am certain they were there before delivery. Unfortunately, we keep them in the room in an unlocked drawer. There are locks, just no one can seem to find the keys.

I am still trying to figure out though.....how liable would I have been had she not gotten that pit in a timely manner? There was a delay, but she did get it........oh, and security and police were contacted. The syringes were found on them later that night



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we had a man in our supply closet last year who when accidentally confronted by the unsuspecting nurse claimed he was"dr. smith". he was wearing a mask or should i say a VAG PACKING over his face as a mock surgical mask. what an *ss! he was arrested, of course.

when i worked in baltimore, i had a pt who had a morphine pca pump. her s.o kept telling me how much $ he could get for that syringe in there. there were scratches all over the side by the door and where you inserted the special key to open after this fine gentleman left, but pt. said he was not touching her pump. maybe she was trying to pry it open for him.

the world is full of kooks and they are fertile!

RNmom, please tell me that that mom didn't get to take that baby home!!!

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How sad for those babies. What I don't understand is why certain groups want to give free syringes to drug addicts but diabetics pay through the nose, where is the justice?

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We also have to keep syringes locked up, but have never had someone try to steal a PCA syringe or any other med that I know of. (Thank goodness)

If I was diabetic I'd be tempted to reuse syringes on myself until they were dull. Just on the idea that whatever I was going to catch I'd already have...and risk the cellulitis.

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The world is full of kooks!

canoehead, BSN, RN

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Greer, Are you talking to me?? Huh? Are you talking to me??

(best DeNiro impression on line, huh?)


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As far as I know, mom wasn't allowed to take baby home. The last I heard, she was trying to leave AMA. I guess after cops and security found the syringes, she got real upset. Got border-line violent too, from what I was told, about having a "sitter"....guess it was time for another hit?!?

Anyway, I kinda lost track of the whole situation, but did hear that the baby was on a 72 hour hold, pending all tox screen results. I know too that one other child of hers was in jail and another in DCYF custody.

Let's say our prayers that this little one is safe and sound.....so darn sad


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You know, if someone came up to me and asked for our med cart, I would give him or her the damn keys and show them how to use it...(the keys, not the drugs). These days it is way too scary to fight over that stuff. We have an ancient med cart and not pxysis,though the rest of the hospital does. No one seems to think of OB as a high risk area, despite the fact that you know that it is...Not too long ago, our lock broke and we couldn't get into the med cart or do count. That was lovely. Of course,that was during the time we were slammed and had to figure out how to have enough staff to go elsewhere in the hospital to borrow drugs. I felt like a junky myself........


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We had a FOB once who broke into our crash cart-the big one with the defibrillator for moms. He got the epi, etc. I think we should just let 'em have what they work so hard to steal. If they're stooopid enough to take anything in a vial, it would be a pretty self-limiting problem!!! Lots of candidates for Darwin Awards!!

I love "the world is full of kooks and they're fertile"! My new favorite line!!


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Originally posted by ShandyLynnRN

RNmom, please tell me that that mom didn't get to take that baby home!!!

Yes, please tell us that the baby went somewhere where it could be loved and taken well care of.....:o

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