What A & P book do you use?


At your school what A & P book is used?

z's playa

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Marieb 6th edition.

Marieb 7th edition and Saunders. I would have to dig out the atlas we used. Can't remember it right off hand. But it was awesome. Great pictures.

GrnHonu99, RN

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I feel kinda left out! LOL I dont use the Marieb book, we use Anatomy and Physiology, pub by McGraw Hill written by Kenneth Saladin 3rd ed...the website for this book is really helpful and free! http://www.mhhe.com/saladin3

smk1, LPN

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fundamentals of A&P by Martini 6th edition with netters atlas and a couple of other supplemental books (histology etc..)


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Our lecture book was Tortora and Grabowski. We used the Marieb cat version of the lab book, though.

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We used Martini for lecture and Marieb for lab. I wasn't crazy about Martini... it was wayyyy more info than we had time to cover. Our instructor did his own thing and we barely used the book. All our tests were very lecture oriented..we took plenty of notes! LOL

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I found Tortora & Grabowski so much easier than Marieb! Unbelievably easier! Isnt that odd..its all the same stuff we need to know! I mean, how can one book be that different? Scary kinda... lol


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Principles of Anatomy and Physiology-10th edition-Tortora/Grabowski :p For lab we use one written and published by the Bio. Department


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We used the same as SMK1, Fundamentals of A&P by Martini 6th edition Textbook and Study Guide, The Lab Manual with Martinis Atlas of the Human Body and Applications Manual, 5 books in all.

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