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Mom of 3 and nursing student until Fall '05 - then it's LPN in '06

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  1. nursingismydream

    From Med/Surg to OR

    My interview went very well. The manager called today and we are going to proceed with the next step. Again, thank you all for the wonderful advice. I am nervous, but excited for this possibility.
  2. nursingismydream

    From Med/Surg to OR

    thank you so much for all your input. It has been so helpful. I think that my interview tomorrow will be such a great experience. I am actually more excited then nervous. Go figure.
  3. nursingismydream

    From Med/Surg to OR

    I am just looking for points of view as I have an interview for an OR position coming next week. I have been a nurse for 5 years and have worked in critical care and currently am working on a Med/Surg floor. I am wondering if there are any nurses here who have gone from med/surg to OR nursing and what they see as pros and cons. I have been interested in OR since I was a student nurse and experienced my first OR rotation. Also, is there any questions that I should ask or advice that you can give. i would appreciate any piece of advice given? Kind of nervous, but excited all at once.
  4. nursingismydream

    Is nursing a good idea?

    I agree with everything. I love being a nurse, and am very blessed to have the job I have. However there are many nurses looking for work. My suggestion is for you to really think about it. If nursing is whre your heart truly is, then go for it. Another thing that I might suggest is that if you can find a way to get certifications for your ACLS and such. Do it. Many regular med/surg units, even, are asking for this from applicants. This might help set you apart from others. It does cost, but keep in mind it will be worth it. And it still doesn't mean that the job you apply for is in the bag. Good luck to you. It really is a wonderful profession.
  5. nursingismydream

    Ferris or Chamberlain????

    I have finally decided to go back for my RN to BSN Completion. The two online programs I am looking into is Ferris State Univ. and Chamberlain. Does anyone have any experiences or info. with these programs. Making the decision to go back was easy. It is making the decidion of where to attend that is hard. I work full-time, have 3 kids, and am looking for an online program. These two programs do seem to appeal to me the most. Costs well it all equals out to about the same. Chamberlain is more per credit hour, but I would have to take less credit hours. Ferris is cheaper, but would have to take more credit hours. Oh and Chamberlain has no clinical, Ferris does. But Ferris is a campus that is about an hour and a half away if I need help. Chamberlain is all online. Any thing you have to offer would be great. What to do! What to do!!
  6. nursingismydream

    Insulin Question

    I always remember..."clear to cloudy skies".
  7. nursingismydream

    Whats your nursing student/school pet peev???

    Okay, how about when a family member asks you a question. You explain the procedure or process or whatever to them...and their mouths hit the floor, silence fills the room, then follows the , "Oh my gosh! You are so smart now!!" So, you're telling me I wasn't before. Give me a break. I mean I know I was not the best student in high school (which was a long time ago), but it wasn't because I wasn't smart. I was just lazy!!!
  8. nursingismydream

    Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!

    :thankya: Thank you!!!! Wishing you the same.
  9. nursingismydream

    Please! Please! Help me! I'm overwhelmed! Prerequisites

    These are the tips that I used in A&P and still do in my nursing classes. 1) Read the assignments before class. Then when you get home rewrite your notes and go back to the text for anything you need further information on. A lot of times an instructor will only touch on something in class, but expect you to know it in depth for tests (example: renal subcircuit). 2) Spend a little time everyday rereading notes and working on flash cards. That way you are not cramming for exams and nerves don't get the best of you. If you have to run the kids to practice, take these things with you. My notes and books go everywhere with me. 3) The place you choose for studying should be distraction free. I agree with a previous poster that time of day is important too. I am not a morning person, therefore, my best studying is done at night. 4) Proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise go a long way. 5) If something starts to frustrate you, move on or put it away for a while. Frustration can be a stumbling block. Ask questions of any tutors and instructors. And remember, no question is stupid. Also take advantage of open lab times. 6) I could never use mneumonics. I found that they confused me. I just spent a little time everyday working on memorizing and bought one of those skeletons for the door in my bedroom (you know, the ones they sell at Halloween). Bought some of those mini post-it notes and made labels with them (they come in different colors, so you can assign certain colors to different systems and such.). Then if I came into my room or something I would use the post its to label things where they were. When I finished I stuck them on an index card and placed them on my dresser so I could start all over again. Now I am not an Honors student, but I do well. I have three small children and until a week ago was working every weekend (and was a full-time student). These are the things that helped me, along with being extremely organized. Good luck to you. And remember to relax also!!!! All work and no play can result in burn-out.
  10. nursingismydream

    From one nursing student to another... HOW DO YOU STAY HEALTHY?

    I have found that eating three well-balanced meals a day has helped a lot. If I don't get three I at least go for two and get breakfast or an early lunch. I try to make sure they are well-balanced. I take vitamins, drink lots of water, and get at least 6 hours of sleep a night (more on a good night). As for working out, I try to fit three 15-30 minute work outs in a week. I have also made it a point to be more physically active with my kids. We play catch, football, tussle around a little. And any housework I do I make the most of. I never take the elevator at school, and always us the steps instead.
  11. nursingismydream

    Need good website for stethoscopes...

    http://www.tafford.com/detail.htm?pkey=234 $58.99 and they are fast. I ordered mine through here and had it in three days.
  12. nursingismydream

    First Day Not So Bad

    I am so glad you had a good first day. Mine was great also. I had all my required reading done, and it helped so much. The instructor just flies through everything because there is so much to cover. I really like her though. Tuff, but at the same time very encouraging. My only advice about the student issue is to do your best to deal with her. You could call it practice for later experiences. Once you are a nurse, you will find that there are always people who second guess you or know more then you do (even if they really don't). I see patients like this all the time in the ER. They know everything. The only thing you can do is grin and bare it. Maybe if she gets to be too distracting you could bring it up to your instructor. I have had classes where the instructor will pull the student aside (discreetly) and talk to them if enough students are having a hard time with the interruptions. I wish you continued good luck with school. I am praying for all of us. Hang in there, we're just getting started.
  13. nursingismydream

    Finally Starting NS Monday!!!!!

    I start on Monday too. I am so excited it isn't even funny. they have posted our first weeks worth of lecture nots, reading assignments, clinical paperwork, and etc. online already. Much of the last week as been spent doing reading and printing off all of this. The more I get into the work the even more anxious I get. Good luck to you!!!!
  14. nursingismydream


    I think it is by Hairdini, as well. I bought it at the local Rite Aid. It was great for her dance classes. They have so many new things for hair. She has had hair to her bottom and thick hair too. It held it great.
  15. nursingismydream


    You could braid it. That way it is up and out od the way. You could also try putting it in a bun. I bought these clips for my daughter. You slip the hair through them, roll it up, and clip the two ends together. Instant bun, and you can't see it.
  16. nursingismydream

    NS began yesterday...OH MY!!

    I haven't even started yet and I downloaded my syllabus, course objectives (65 pages just for Fundamentals), and my class notes for the first classes. All I have to say is, "It's been nice known ya'll." lol We start on Monday. Good thing I quit my job, becuase the time is needed in a major way. I am so excited though, that all the books and other stuff don't even seem to phase me. I thought we were supposed to have 16 books, but I ended up with 19. I started my Pharm. last night and have been doing some reading today for Fundamentals.