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GrnHonu99 is a RN and specializes in Neuro, Critical Care.

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  1. GrnHonu99

    Seasonal RN positions pay?

    dignigy health is looking for travelers. my guess would be more than 35$/hr but Im not sure.
  2. GrnHonu99

    FL RN Salaries....yes another salary thread lol

    you should consider Phx! our starting pay is good and we hire new grads in the ICU with awesome training programs!
  3. GrnHonu99

    FL RN Salaries....yes another salary thread lol

    24-26/hr ave in Phoenix! Cost of living is pretty good here too! Some of the seasoned nurses (NOC shift weekend program of course) are easily pulling in 6 figures! FLA is one of the lowest paying states! I think its bc people actually WANT to live there lol. My hospital is nice as you have the option to make a ton more on differentials/precepting/charge/etc. As a new grad 6 years ago I was easily making close to 60k a year and now make substantially more than that. My raises some years have been up to 8%! I know Ohio pay is low, starting out near what FLA pays.
  4. GrnHonu99

    New grad who wants to be ICU, pls help!

    PM me...where are you willing to move? I have 6 years in neuroicu at one of the top research facilities in the US. I also did travel nursing in neuroicu.
  5. GrnHonu99

    New grad who wants to be ICU, pls help!

    We hire new graduates into the ICU. It just varies from hospital to hospital. You wont know how to move around until you get in somewhere. It is not impossible to move. If a hospital needs staff they will hire. However, as a new grad, just get in somewhere. You can move, maybe not right away, which is what im assuming your friend meant. Most hospitals have a policy that you cannot transfer within so many days. This is usually due to the high cost of orientation. I know at my hospital it costs about 40k to train a new graduate...so hiring you in and having you transfer is not economical.
  6. GrnHonu99

    Travel nursing companies

    I used cross country as a first time traveler! I had a great recruiter, which makes all the difference. They were good to me...traveling is always tough the first time as there are so many rules and things to remember. You really have to be grounded in your skills.
  7. GrnHonu99

    travel assignment in NEURO ICU..Advice?

    Depending on where you want to travel, PM me. I am a neuro ICU nurse and have traveled a couple diff neuro ICUs. I know that Cornell NYP needs help in neuro. Also UCSF has a large neuro program and usually takes travelers. Also, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo in MInnesota takes travelers in neuro. I work in the neuro mecca in AZ so if you have any questions let me know!
  8. GrnHonu99

    Fecal Management System

    agree. flexiseals are expensive and they don't contain smell very well...even with flushing~ I feel like if the inserter's fingers are not long enough, it is tough to get the bulb in the rectal vault...we quit using 30fr foleys as they decrease rectal tone. Im thinking so will flexi seals if not insterted in the correct place. I havent used any of the other systems mentioned.
  9. GrnHonu99

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    WOW. I can hear the ignorance flowing through this post! LOL where to start. Probably with spelling, since obviously, us nurses, can do that. Secondly, the pay scale for nursing varies and does pay for xray techs. So to compare a traveler with a staff RN or xray tech is just plain dumb as it is like apples and oranges. Sure, all travelers make more money, but it depends on many factors. I just returned from a 5 month stint as an RN and would have made over 150k for the year. That and I didnt have to travel via semi..oh and my food and lodging were paid for! oh, wait, thats what being a traveler is....right. Oh and I only have to work three days a week like most RNs. 3RD, perhaps the last poster should do his research BEFORE he decides to have diarrhea of the mouth, every RN program I have known (and that is many since I am in education, and have researched RN programs all over the country) requires algebra!! OH and pathophysiology, anatomy x2, nutrition, biology, chemistry, math, psych, soc, nutrition, etc. (and OH and those are just the pre reqs!! That doesnt include the full 2 years (as all NURSES know and ADN is never truly 2 years!) Oh, and the kicker! OUR scope of practice is limited?? LOL. ON a standard day, i MUST know exactly how the body works in relation to everything else in the world (esp in ICU), how every medication works with the body and with other drugs. OH, and thats the "basics". OUr scope of practice is 10 fold compared to an xray tech! I mean come on! OUr scope of practice includes full on pt care...aka don't let your pt die. SOrry, no tech Ive ever known has had a scope of practice that encompassed that. I have saved lives in the ICU for 5 years, my assessment skills have to be sharp as a tac! You have to know as much as the MDs with out the benefit of medical school. We run multiple drips to control every system a patient has. So, yes, you MUST know what you are doing..oh and the college algebra (that none of us had to take, and that most of us prob passed out of) comes in handy when you are managing 8 gtts to keep BP certain parameters and UO..oh but wait...had I taken that physics class, I would have that all figured out. OH wait, I did take physics and its useless in my sector of the field! IM not putting down techs just correcting the ignorant rant of the last poster. Wow if you are going to post something, at LEAST know what you are talking about! To those thinking about this career, do your own research ! Call the schools that have this program and talk to an advisor. Make sure you research salary in YOUR area!. RNs have a huge pay gap from state to state. Oh, and my final point...with an RN there are so many avenues you can take and pay is variable depending on that facet of nursing you do, I know some RNs who make 500$ working for a law office, however, that's not a salary you can compare to bedside nurses. I know in my area, techs are lucky to make low 20$/hr with mid 20 cap. Nurses are generally started at 65-70k where I am. Oh and that number is a low ballpark, I know the other hospitals around here the pay is higher.
  10. GrnHonu99

    Self extubation

    I have been an ICU nurse for 5 years and let me tell you, diprivan ABSOLUTELY causes a decrease in BP!!! It is the number one side effect of this medication! Al so, diprivan has a short half life and "wears off quickly" so with some pts the decrease in SBP usually rebounds rather quickly. All things you should know before administering this drug. As for self extubation, it happens, occasionally. I agree with the others, if the pt is that agitated that they are able to self extubate then they prob need more sedation. We use RIker sedation scale and titrate to 4. Also when paired with a pain gtt, you may be able to use less diprivan and the pt may be more comfortable. We always run a pain gtt (morph/fent) in combination with propofol.
  11. GrnHonu99

    NIHSS With a Spanish Speaking Patient

    I agree with the others, you should definitely have a translator for the NIHSS scale..in fact our docs do it on admit We have a large spanish speaking population here and i can help you with the neuro assessment in spanish! ALmost all of our nurses can perform a basic assessment in english and spanish. For things like the admit NIHSS scale and histories we always obtain a medical translator
  12. GrnHonu99

    Phoenix area wages

    Where in phx are you going to live? do you want adults or peds icu? I ask bc St. Joes does not have PICU. If you want PICU you need to look at Banner, PHX Childrens. I hear Mayo and Scottsdale pay well but with 15 years exp all hospitals should be similar. I think st. Joes has the best benefits and year after year is voted oneo f the best places to work in the valley. Id stay away from Abrazzo, Maricopa or St luke. Good luck!
  13. GrnHonu99

    23% Saline IV Bolus

    have found in some places you can only admin through central line..we give it PIVs..4-5 years ago we would push it (slow) but now we just piggyback it..
  14. GrnHonu99

    Traveling Nurse? What are your thoughts about it?

    Plenty of jobs in AZ..ICU/med surg whatever. I have a ton of friends who as new grads started in Cali no problem..maybe its an isolated area.? There are also travel positions open in cali right now as im thinking about signing on for SFO. It m ight be slightly more competitive then 4-5 years ago but you shouldnt have trouble finding a job. If you are worried start scoping out your options right now and maybe get in as a CNA or secretary...
  15. GrnHonu99

    CCTC and RN network recruiters

    i work for CCTC and have had NO issues what so ever. I think its all in the recruiter you get ahold of. I have an AWESOME one! Its been all smooth sailing for me and im in one of the harder cities..NYC. First time traveler in ICU. If you want my recruiters name let me know by private message:)
  16. GrnHonu99

    American Mobile

    stay away..i tried to work with them several times and both recruiters were just awful. I personally have had awful awful experiences with them. Im with CCTC right now and having a great time no issues, awesome recruiter.