Weirdest thing...


What's the weirdest thing a patient has used the call bell to ask you?

Mine happened a couple of days ago. I had just finished changing a resident (completely bed bound, and covered in poo). I am sweating profusely and run to catch a call bell from one of our needier residents.

"Can I have a banana split?"

...I suppose it's not the craziest thing I've heard, but the timing and the randomness threw me. I had to go in the hall to crack up.

Any weird calls?


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"can i have some scissors so i can clip my pubic hair?"

Although i have had a resident request a banana split at night. One night a kma actually managed to give some od the guys some from scrounging in the back kitchen!

Hahaha I'd be like "you can keep those scissors, those are your scissors now.

"can i have some scissors so i can clip my pubic hair?"

Although i have had a resident request a banana split at night. One night a kma actually managed to give some od the guys some from scrounging in the back kitchen!

I had a resident actually want ME to clip her pubic hair. With a cheap 2-blade razor. I politely declined and told her she would need a personal trimmer for that.

What irks me are the patients who ring to have you throw away a tissue when the trash can is right beside them. Sorry, you're here to get well and throwing away your own tissue is an act of doing that.


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In a Nursing home it was usually stuff like asking me to let the dogs in or going downstairs and taking the pie out of the oven. In a hospital you get patients with psych problems as well as ones with dementia, so I've heard too many outlandish things to remember. Everything from demanding to talk to the president to them telling me they are a prophet of god to someone who pulled the bathroom cord light and was standing there with a fresh turd on the floor insisting I take a sample because its full of worms.

I had one recently where a younger fresh post op patient hits the call light in a panic yelling what the *$#& IS THIS???(He was holding his foley catheter line).


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Lol I have y'all beat where I work I have been asked by a resident to give him head and by another one for some of my "Goodies" lmbo but goodies is not the word he used of course.


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I don't know how many times I've been propositioned by those with electric scooters to "hop on"....


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On a very busy night with short staffing and babies coming out every second, I was in the middle of helping another nurse after delivery when the call lights of another patient went off and the patient screaming for help. I immediately ran towards the room. I was expecting to see the baby hanging out or the patient on the floor. When I got to the room, the patient was very angry because she was ringing the call bell for a long time. I apologized and asked her what she wanted. With a straight face, she asked for a cup of ice for her husband!!!

I wanted to do so many things to her, but I remembered my Nightingale oath. I calmly got her husband a cup and a lots of ice in another big container . On my way out, the patient stopped me and asked me to put the ice in the cup. I did.

I went into the locker room and screamed!! I guess a cup of ice for her husband was more important than anything else.

By the way, I did not get a thank you from the patient or the husband.

I get one resident that always offers for me to sit on her lap (I'm a big girl and she's like 90 pounds soaking wet) and she offers to give me back rubs lol


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I have the weirdest job sometimes.

I answered a call buzzer and was asked if I went out to milk the cows and have we had any calves born tonight.


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I've had an extremely confused patient ring a call light and ask for help with chemistry (he was looking at his plan of care board). He was totally serious and extremely agitated that none of us could help him figure it out. That was the first of many bizarre call light requests from that particular patient.

I've also had a patient ring the call light and then ask if I knew where she might sell some food stamps. I politely told her I wasn't allowed to offer advice on that matter and made a beeline for the door.