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  1. hookyarnandblanket

    Transitioning from Rehab/LTC to Hospital

    The pace and acuity in a hospital is vastly different from LTC. It can be a challenge for anyone but especially for the new CNA. You may be asked to do things you haven't done in LTC and you have to be prepared and anticipate change rapidly.
  2. hookyarnandblanket

    CNA at 16?!

    In Kansas, you can get a CNA cert at 16 but you cannot operate patient lifting equipment.
  3. hookyarnandblanket

    How do you think I will fare as a CNA?

    It is difficult for us to answer this as we haven't seen your skills on the floor with patients. As long as you are kind, efficient, and are a team player, you will do fine. Some patients will refuse to have you care for them; don't take it personall...
  4. hookyarnandblanket

    Incontinence care of resident question?

    The chances that they will observe you doing peri care on a patient are quite low. I believe they have to have consent from the DPOA to observe something like this. At least I haven't had them observe me giving patient care.
  5. hookyarnandblanket

    Why are CNAs not held to professional standards?

    I make less money in the acute setting than I did LTC but inleft LTC and took the pay cut because the poor management and expectations in the LTC facility almost pushed me over the edge into a mental breakdown.
  6. hookyarnandblanket

    Free CNA training???

    Some places will reimburse you for the cost of the class as long as you work for them for a certain period of time, usually split into 4 or more payments.
  7. hookyarnandblanket

    How can I help my aides?

    The overtime issue: Yeah, my DON would have a cow if we stayed 2 hours over to chart. The only times we have been able to stay over that late have been to cover until all of 2nd shift gets there, complete baths, or for meetings. If we have a consiste...
  8. hookyarnandblanket

    Coping with traumatic patient death

    Do you have access to an employee assistance program? We have one and they can help you find assistance for free, such as counseling. Usually the first session is free, paid for through the program. If you have access, it would be worth using.
  9. hookyarnandblanket

    How can I help my aides?

    Would it be possible to have her shadow a more efficient CNA? We have a CNA at my hospital who cannot manage time, either. For a while, we chalked it up to her being right out of CNA training but it has been over 90 days and she still can't prioritiz...
  10. hookyarnandblanket

    Nurses behavior towards CNA's?

    Maybe the most succinct way of summing this up is this: They are called *vital* signs for a reason.
  11. hookyarnandblanket

    turn teams

    There are a few RNs at my job who will gladly help us turn a patient; the rest, not so much. One in particular? Only if it will make her look good in the eyes of the administration or someone in authority to save her own skin. And we have a CNA who a...
  12. hookyarnandblanket

    Easy activity. Fun with the residents!

    Our activity director recently quit so another CNA and I are sort of filling in. One thing I am going to do is cover some Styrofoam cups with orange construction paper and draw jack-o-lantern faces on the paper, stack them, and have patients "smash" ...
  13. hookyarnandblanket

    Any tips for placing a bedpan?

    If she can get up to the commode, she needs to do that. Using the bedpan all the time will only encourage her to not get up and she will lose what motility she has. There are, of course, times that she will need the bedpan, but one of the best things...
  14. hookyarnandblanket

    Advice for a new CNA searching for a hospital position

    Many hospitals will not hire CNAs with only clinical experience. Most want someone with at least one year of experience before applying. I can tell you that every single brand new CNA my hospital has hired has struggled, no matter the shift. Things a...
  15. hookyarnandblanket

    storing disinfectant in residents room??

    I will occasionally use a small amount of hand sanitizer on a paper towel to wipe out both bath basins and emesis basins, then rinse with water again and dry.