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  1. New CNA

    Once you get on the floor you will realize that the classes don't prepare you for the potential *** moments you will see/encounter. If you are a hard worker, can roll with the punches (sometimes literally), you could be a good cna. Expecting to sit o...
  2. Take CNA Exam without going through the course

    It depends on the state. From what i have heard, unless one is a nursing student, it usually doesn't happen. In my area, most colleges make nursing students take the class before being accepted into the program.
  3. Weirdest thing...

    "can i have some scissors so i can clip my pubic hair?" Although i have had a resident request a banana split at night. One night a kma actually managed to give some od the guys some from scrounging in the back kitchen!
  4. Muslim Nurse aide

    What are the sort of restrictions a muslim nurse aide would have? My facility has hired one. I have no problem with it. Except now there are rumors going about that no man can touch her unless she is providing care(some of the men on the units ar...
  5. My First Alzheimers patient and incontinence

    Also, have you noticed cues that he is giving off before eliminating? I have on resident that will start tugging at his pants and you can usually guide him to a toilet. There was another one that would start fidgeting when he was about to go. A ur...
  6. Piercings & Tattoos?

    I'd say check your facility but I'm sure that piercings are a no-no, especially with mental patients that may be combative. I have a wrist tattoo and just waiting for it to heal on a total care unit was awful/scary. I had to change how I took care ...
  7. Eastern State Hospital

    That sounds like my job at an LTC working nights!
  8. What do I have to do to get a CNA job!!!?

    Where in Kentucky are you? Do you have a state veteran's home near your area? I know the one where I live is always hiring and they will hire fresh off the bus!
  9. Water Pitchers

    I work at an LTC as an aide. On the 4 regular unit, you have to give ice. They are 64 oz jugs that are washed once a week. The people on thickened get 8 oz cups of thickened water. Most of the people on restrictions don't get any. Most water pit...
  10. If I can't sleep NOBODY CAN!

    My husband does that. I go to sleep around 10 or 11am and sleep till 8. He'll talk to his friends like all I do is sleep and I'm a lazy bafoon! I work 40 hours plus mandatory overtime plus voluntary overtime PLUS another job.
  11. Tattoos and Appearance

    Funny enough most of the men I care for have more tattoos than I did when I started working. Although I work with army men. If I write on my arm, they ask me, "Oh you have a tattoo?" I now have one visible tattoo and most the men don't see it. ...
  12. The new CNA requirements

    Actually in most places, it depends on the facility. I know one local ambulatory center only hires CNAs that can do sticks since there is not a huge amount of staff.
  13. I'm an RN but thinking of applying as PCT.

    I'm pretty sure that even if you were to be hired as an RN, unless catheter was in a PCTs scope, you wouldn't be able to help. You would be operating under the scope of practive of a PCT, not RN. It's like I have EMT cert. I work at a nursing home...
  14. CNA - Chain of command/organizational structure question

    Depends on the place. During day shift they have NASR II but the other shifts don't have them. NASR II will do precepting and "take charge."
  15. Another Vent...About a Frequent Faller!

    Those are great questions. Ask your CNAs if he has a wet brief during his fall. A lot of our fallers, especially our biggest risk, always falls after he pees. This man though holds it and holds it multiple rounds (completely dry) and then tries to ...