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I'm married and have 3 "kids" (if you count the four-legged kind that is!) Loving life while I can before I become the recluse that is a Nursing Student! :)

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  1. stunurse2015

    Would You Stop to Provide Medical Care?

    I'm in nursing school and while encouraged to stop (especially if no other responders are there) we were advised that once we do we have to stay on scene until someone "higher up" arrives. In which we can transfer care and rid ourselves of the liability. If we leave we can get nailed with abandonment. Although in my state we are protected under the Good Samaritan Law as well so we can't get sued for the care we given in an emergent situation.
  2. stunurse2015

    Pierce Wa Nursing Program

    Loving it! This second quarter is going to kill me though!
  3. stunurse2015

    Pierce Wa Nursing Program

    Hagattha it's probably because we all got in this last go around lol and from my experience they draw the lottery on a Thursday so I'd look around the 5th :)
  4. stunurse2015

    Pierce Wa Nursing Program

    It's because they subtract points for retaking core classes
  5. stunurse2015

    What if you don't get into a nursing program?

    It depends on the area you live in. For example I live in an area that has several BSN/ADN/LPN programs and tons of hospitals clinics and LTC facilities so the market is good. But I spent 3 years applying to half of the schools in my area, and the one I finally got into last fall it was my FOURTH attempt! So it is wise to always have plan A B and probably C. (FYI I spent those 3 years working as a CNA and loved it!)
  6. stunurse2015

    Hating L&D

    I'm currently in nursing school and know I don't want to do L&D or anything with babies. (At least that's what I feel now, but I am keeping an open mind). There are many facets to nursing and to each their own, if you have found yours then go for it! If you approach your mentor with your desire perhaps there is a way for you to get what you want and they have not wasted their time and money training someone that will jump ship because they are unhappy. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  7. stunurse2015


    My school is fully integrated with ATI and the first cohort to graduate and test for the NCLEX was this summer. So far the word is a 100% pass rate, my cohort will be fully integrated as well, plus the rest of the changes our school has made to up their NCLEX pass rates over the past few years.
  8. stunurse2015

    Given a do over, which (feasible) career would you pursue?

    This is my "do over" and I am happy I got my chance to do so! Good luck to you all in your endeavors!
  9. stunurse2015

    Tattoos on Nurses

    Be ware some places don't allow long sleeves (like my friend who works L&D ) so be cautious and ask the HR where you work/plan on working.
  10. stunurse2015

    Sure didn't expect this!

    There are plenty of resources for anyone wishing returning to school. Plus if you have built up networking connections you can ask around your peers and see if there are other openings within your scope of practice. Even possible funding offered by your organization. I think what the previous posters are trying to say about "newbies" is that we have an eagerness to build knowledge of the profession that you already posses! Try harnessing your knowledge/experience and use it to your advantage! Good luck in whatever path you choose to take!
  11. stunurse2015

    Scared to begin work as a CNA

    First off take a deep breath in and out... I as well was "partnered up" during my clinical in CNA school. I was VERY nervous my first "real day" on the job (nothing like puking out of nervousness on my first break!). Seriously though it is not as bad as your mind (or mine) makes it out to be! You have an advantage by having volunteered for them before, so you get an insight to what kind of residents there are and what kind of coworkers you'll be with. Plus you will shadow the lead CNA for a period of time (don't be afraid to ask for more time if you need it!) and at my facility I got to have a "cheat sheet" of what I needed to know when I was on my own. Once you've been there for a while you'll get to know the residents and their routines you'll become more able to predict their needs. It depends on how your facility does things but mine we have what are called bath aids who just do baths so that those on the floor can do the ADLs. Plus we always have a partner working the floor with us so we have coverage during breaks. FYI on your "if I'm not a good aid I won't make a good nurse" comment I have worked with plenty of nurses that never wanted to be CNAs because of the hard work we do, and plenty of others that said they became nurses because they sucked at being CNAs! Just remember your training and you'll do just fine!
  12. stunurse2015

    Tacoma Community College Winter 2015

    Labs/clinical/off campus events I have two sets. Level one I'm sure at the other levels it will be different.
  13. stunurse2015

    I can't believe this just happened!!!

    *update* So I sent a professional email and no response as of yet but it doesn't hurt to try!
  14. stunurse2015

    I can't believe this just happened!!!

    Oh no he gave me a business card from the company with all the official contact numbers on it then on the back of the card he hand wrote his #
  15. stunurse2015

    I can't believe this just happened!!!

    It was only myself and the girl I was talking to that he gave his card to. (We were waiting for our turn to check off on a skill). I don't know if he talked to anyone else that day (the other students that were waiting to go after us were in the hallway) but I don't really think it matters. I this is my "foot in the door" and I'm going to take it!!
  16. stunurse2015

    I can't believe this just happened!!!

    It is a hospital and clinic chain well known in my area (hence the privacy), and none of the schools in my state (except private ones) go by semesters. Also this is the agency that I've wanted to work for since I've wanted to be a nurse!! Thanks for all of your replies! It has been two days since the meeting and I plan on emailing him after my clinic this morning! :)

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