Wearing scrubs at the gym??

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I went to the gym today and saw a male nurse lifting in his scrubs. I was a little bothered by it because I would think it would be unsanitary for someone to be working out in their hospital uniform, so I approached him and this is what I said:

me: excuse me, wouldn't it be unsanitary to wear that working out?

him: oh they're clean. who are you?

me: oh, I'm just a student

After I tell him this he kind of chuckles and rolls his eyes and goes on with his work out.

Besides being rude, do you think this was wrong? How would another gym go-er know that it is clean if he did not tell them? For all I know it could have MRSA or some other pathogen he came into contact with. I realize people go in their uniforms to subway or whatever restaurant to eat, but this is the gym - where I'm lying down on the same bench as him. Am i overreacting or was this unprofessional of him?

I think you are right. If you have to stop off at the supermarket in your scrubs, that's bad enough but understandable. He's probably just trying to get attention, and they might be clean scrubs, but it still suggests to everyone that he's getting blood, vomit, bacteria, etc on all the machines.

You're probably overreacting, I wear my scrubs everywhere, including on dates, maybe that's why I don't get too many second dates.


you know what i find ironic... females never give me any attention, UNLESS i am in scrubs. i do not look nor act like i have a brain. people do not expect me to be in nursing school either.

got that first date because med. outfits correlated to $$$... then they figure you're not an MD and on allnurses. no second date ...go figure... and good riddance.

Perhaps he was doing a workout before work? Or, maybe he isn't even a nurse at all. Your concerns are valid; however, you have to consider the other possibilities.

Perhaps he was doing a workout before work? Or, maybe he isn't even a nurse at all. Your concerns are valid; however, you have to consider the other possibilities.

the possibilities was the reason for concern

Hahaha...are you for real? How are you going to first interrupt the guy while he's working out? Second, accuse him of being rude? You were the rude one.

I wear my scrubs to the bar.

Wearing scrubs at the gym would be nastyyy... especially if you get a good quality work out, imagine the sweat that soaks through your scrubs... not that appealing for the chicks eh?

No scrubs in the gym! Period. That's just tacky. I'd recommend some shorts and a ratty T.

I wear my scrubs to the bar.

get out of here... ha~! i did that once... but on Halloween. lady parts Magnet.

IF he was coming from work and was working out in the SAME scrubs he was nursing in, yeah, not very cool for him to be so inconsiderate to possibly infect anyone/everyone at the gym. IF he was working out in the clothes and THEN went to work, that too is unprofessional and unhygienic if he is sweaty and/or smelly. Also, he could pick up an opportunistic bug a the gym just waiting to infect an immunocompromised patient somewhere. Very irresponsible. You don't know 100% what the deal is here unless you ask. Guess what... you aren't the CIA of healthcare and it is probably better to mind your own business. Say what you want to him but know that you should mind your own business.

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I think he was just trying to be "cool". How thats cool I dont know, but I would see people around wearing the local hospital scrubs that specifically say "do not remove off property", with the big local hospital system logo. Sometimes people really do think their THAT cool to do that. Me I think theyre lame. Get some gym pants.

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I've worn scrubs to the gym, and I didn't think twice about it. On the other hand, I work in the OR, so the scrubs we wear inside the OR are put on and taken off at work. If you had approached me, I probably would have laughed. You actually saw him in scrubs, but how many people used that machine before you got there? Were they in scrubs? Did they wipe off the machine after using it? I recommend that you wipe off the machine before and after using them, and stop interrogating people.

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