WE WON! Let us know if you do.


We WON! We beat the universe! On 4/1 at 0640, our 37 bed ER cleared it's very last patient up to the floor, bringing our pt. census to 0!!! :roflmao: This hardly ever happens, so we did a bit of a celebratory "Happy happy Joy Joy" dance, and seranaded the day shift that came in at 0650 with our rousing rendition of "We are the CHAMPIONS......." So I'm starting a tag thread to all of our fellow ED's- When you beat the game, come on here and brag. The first ED who can add their "Win" to this thread will get our applause- heck, I'll even promise to send you a card and a "Prize" if you are willing to give me a contact name and address for your ED. Lets foster some intra-ED camradery! Rules to enter the game 1. You must have at least a 30 bed ED. Smaller ERs are welcome to add their accomplishment, but I've worked in small, 6 bed EDs, and clearing the board is a fairly frequent occurance. 2. If you accept the card of congrats that I send, you have to be willing to forward it to the next ED after adding your hospital and names. Come on ya'll- Us wonderful peeps from CRMC are waiting to hear from you!


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Ha ha I've never seen 0 but the thought that it could exist makes me smile

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A 21 carpuject salute in your honor. I'll post if we ever clear house completely. Never seen it happen. 50 bed ER.

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I accept your challenge. :yes: 30-bed ER.

That's amazing, though!


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WOOHOO! 21 Carpuject salute, that ROCKS!


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90 beds...It'll never happen!


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54 beds, inner city. I will have to live vicariously through others! Congrats on the big win!

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I have seen it happened twice in the ED at the hospital where I work at.


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Chocolate cake in bed pans and lemonade in urinals for everybody!

That really is amazing though. How did the universe not fold in on itself?


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I've seen it once. 34 beds. And it lasted a couple of hours!! It was a weird morning!

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Headed in for another medical monday. Somehow i don't think we'll win today. I will settle for a tie though....

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We almost had it the other night. Only 2 patients in the ER during the last hour. Maybe next time!