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JDougRN has 22 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. JDougRN

    Crisis travel assignments for Covid-19?

    Well then let me educate you. I just left work as a full time day charge nurse. I got PTO at 7 ish hours of accrued time per 2 weeks. They did away with sick time, so any time you are ill you have to use your vacation time. I'm an RN with 27 years of experience, have my BSN. I pay my own certifications and do them on my own time, with no extra money paid for the BSN or any of the many certs I hold. When I left there I was making 27.00 an hour...plus a grand .75 cents and hour to take on the charge position. I had to pay 300+ every 2 weeks for my health care, with a 5 THOUSAND dollar premium to pay before they started to cover things. I was supposed to have 11 nurses staggered through until 3pm. AT NO TIME in the last 2 years did I ever have full staff. I was often down up to 5 nurses. The nurses I had were often float pool or temp nurses who's primary skill set was NOT the ED. We are a certified stroke center, so fairly frequently we get TPA patients that require 1:1 nursing for at least 2-4 hours. We also had to auto accept any STEMIs from our sister hospitals. They start new grads at 18.00 an hour. They frequently bring in travelers....I was a traveler there on and off for a few years, and was TOLD by upper management that it was cheaper for the hospital to pay for travelers than to pay their own nurses adequate money to ensure retention. I'm betting that the CEO and the other numerous upper management who make the MILLIONS of dollars a year aren't losing any sleep over the issues I raised above. SO now I'm going back to traveling....raking in that money....BUT. Getting through the ton of crap needed to onboard with a travel company is time consuming and can be expensive. I had to drive a total of 6 hours unpaid to get paperwork and labs done. Then I have to worry about my contract being cancelled if the facility doesn't need me. Then I get to drive 17 hours away from my husband and home to work a 13 week assignment in a hospital where I don't know anybody. I usually get less than a shift to learn the charting system and get familiar with the policies and how things are done. Travel nursing is often lonely- you are never really "One of the family." You have to work with Docs you don't know. With the situation happening now, there will be no site seeing on a day off. I will spend 13 weeks working or sitting in a hotel or Air BNB. I won't get to see my family at all during that time because of Covid. THAT is why we get paid a premium thank you very much.
  2. Hey all, hope you are all staying safe during this insanity. I was wondering if anybody has started to see crisis/high rate jobs posted yet? If so, post the specialty and company.
  3. JDougRN

    Excelsior Paramedic to RN?

    I actually am an Excelsior graduate. I don't think it's an easy fix/program but I was looking into it for people who want to go into nursing who already have an associates degree and are working as Paramedics.
  4. So I've been with a travel company for the last 4 years. I've always worked my butt off- Every facility I've worked at through them has offered me a job. I've sent fellow nurses in their direction. I love my recruiter, I think she's awesome. HOWEVER- I've had ongoing issues with them not getting things- Part is because a lot of the certs, paperwork, ect are sent via email or text. I take a picture of the document they need and send it. The area I live and work has questionable reception. I worked out the last of my contract and sent my time in. I never was contacted by the company- they claim they never got my time. I noticed my check never went in and contacted them. They stated that because it was more than 20 days, the company they work through refuses to pay them, so they are refusing to pay me. 1. Nothing in any of the contracts was there anything about having to send time in within x amount of days. 2. After much back and forth, they generously said they'd pay me for the hourly wage (18.00 and hour) but are refusing to pay me the meal and housing stipends- that's what brings your salary up to a decent level. I'm thinking what they are doing is illegal, certainly immoral. I can't believe they'd care so little about an employee. I can't believe they'd risk losing a damn good traveler, not to mention the bad press. I specifically chose a big company so things like this wouldn't happen. I'm disgusted.
  5. JDougRN

    Excelsior Paramedic to RN?

    Does anyone know if Excelsior stopped their Paramedic to RN bridge program? I was telling a Medic friend about it but I can't find info on the site?
  6. JDougRN

    Covered Up a Narcotic Med Error

    Ouch. It's too bad the medical culture discourages self reporting of incidents like this. People are scared of losing their license and their jobs, so things like this get covered up. Hang in there.
  7. JDougRN

    CEN review JBtest prep answers?

    I'm reviewing to take the CEN for the first time, and bought "CEN Examination Review" put out by JB test prep. I've found several questions that I think are wrong and was wondering if anybody else had used their book? The last question I disagreed with was- A possible cause of Thrombocytopenia? I chose Alcoholism, they said Portal Hypertension. I've found several different sites that ID ETOH as a causative factor, but none that include their answer. Another involved an uncompensated shock pt.sent from a tertiary care center. They are getting TPN/Lipids and Dopamine together in a peripheral IV. You get an order for IV Bicarb and AMpicillin, should you shut off the TPN/Lipids and run the other meds together? ask the MD for a central line for additional access? Insert another peripheral line to run the other meds, or push the bicarb in another peripheral IV while waiting for the pharmacy to send the Ampicillin? I chose MD placed central line, if they are in uncompensated shock peripheral IVs might be difficult and time consuming. They said start an additional line, push the bicarb while waiting for pharmacy to send the Ampicillin. What do you all think? Lastly, what type/brand of prep books/sites did you all use to prepare that most resembled the actual test? I've found some review sites that have very easy questions, and others that are naming off obscure questions about disease processes I've never even heard of in the 26 years I've been a nurse.
  8. JDougRN


    I JUST went through this same issue in TN. I work with FNP's that just graduated and are working in clinics. Walden University told me I had to have an Geriatric/Acute care NP- This makes no sense to me because they aren't allowed to care for anyone under the age of 12- A LOT of what mid-levels see are simple peds cases. The lady at Walden told me that the BONs are changing their regulations and soon FNPs will be considered working out of their scope if they are in EDs or clinics. This makes no sense to me at all either, and I was actually going to talk to the TN BON.
  9. JDougRN

    FNP vs AGPCNP?

    I just recently began trying to decide what school and certification I'm going to do. I'm an ED nurse now, and I'd like to stay in emergency medicine, possibly transition into EMS flight care. Does anybody know what, if any, capacity NPs can function in that area? I seem to remember working a trauma that got diverted to our ED when the pt. coded. The NP on the flight team was very impressive, and threw in a central line while we were working on the patient. I'm wondering how to get to do that when I grow up? :) I spoke with a counselor this week who told me that in order to work in the ED, I would need my AGPCNP cert, that I would only be able to take care of patients age 12 and up. I explained to her that where I live (Eastern TN) that EDs and minute clinics seem to be hiring FNPs who see a fair amount of pediatric patients. She told me that they were acting outside of their scope, that FNPs were trained for primary care in an office type setting. I always thought FNPs were able to do emergent/critical/emergent care for the entire life span? I'm a travel nurse, and I've never worked in a place where the midlevel couldn't care for peds patients. Could someone please shed some light on this for me please?
  10. JDougRN


    Methodist is ALWAYS in need of help. I worked with the agency (It was a few years ago now) that staffs them, they do per diem, and are always looking for help- I can't remember the name of the company, but if you call staffing at Methodist, they will be able to give you the contact info for the one company that covers their agency staffing. Hope that helps.
  11. JDougRN

    LOOOOOK into my eyes!!

    So I was working on a Med/Surg floor- You also need to know that I worked a second job at a different hospital in a maternity unit that was small- So small that it had no anesthesia on at night- that breaks down to no epidurals - in 9 years of OB, we did 3 epidurals (ALL on Doctor's wives, but that is a different post!!!) The labor nurses got really good at other ways to alleviate distress- including guided imagery, pressure points, massage, etc. So back to my story- I have a nice older gentleman in bed B. There are only pull curtains separating the A bed from B bed- Another nurse (Who in most people's opinion is a LAZY, bad nurse) has the empty bed in. She gets an admission- a poor guy who has a WHOMPING kidney stone- gets wheeled off the elevator screaming and writhing in pain. His lazy nurse gets him settled and calls the MD to get another pain med order. My patient can hear the suffering from patient A. Nurse lazy doesn't bother to go in to help her patient - when I ask her about it, she gets huffy with me because she CALLED the Doc (30 minutes had passed, by the way), so what else is she supposed to do? I felt so bad for this poor guy, I finally went in and told him - "I'm going to help you, but you need to listen to me". I then proceeded to do the same thing I did for my labor patients - Guided imagery, pressure points, etc. I was amazed at how well it worked- End result, after about 10 minutes of massage and calming the pt., he was asleep and snoring. He had gotten no narcotics in the ER- He had just calmed and listen to me - AWESOME!!!! I felt like I made a difference, and went about my night. The next morning, I went in to give my patient his am meds- I asked him how he slept, and he told me ALL about this "Poor fella" who was in the other bed who came in screaming in pain. "The Nurses hare are AMAZING though" my pt. said "Really?" say I ? "Yea- this young fella over there came in screaming in pain, but the nurses HYP-MO-TIZED him out of it!!!" He went on to tell me how he had seen something similar in the war- I giggled and went out to tell my friends at the desk about it- then went on with my day. The patient in bed A slept through all of this, so I never got a chance to say hello before I went home. Fast forward to 3 days later, when I'm back on. Morning comes, and the nurse mgr. is there bright and early at 0700- She points at me and says "I need to talk to you!!!!" (GULP-words that will KILL you) She was smiling though, so I hoped it couldn't be that bad.......She went on to tell me all about how the pt. in bed A woke up the next morning, and DEMANDED to see the Pain Doctor who was kind enough to come in in the middle of the night to help him, and went on to RAVE about how much the "PAIN DOC" helped him. My patient finally clued them in to the fact that it was a nurse who hypnotized him to take his pain away- The Nurse Mgr was dying laughing, telling me how the head-high-mucky mucks were combing through the chart to try to figure out who the Doc was-....- "Well just remember that!" I said- cause if I want, I can make you cluck like a chicken!!!! So please understand- while it may not be the most glamorous job, not the most fun- M/S nurses make a difference on a daily basis, and I salute you all. And if anybody doesn't give you the respect you deserve....let me know- and I'll make them cluck like a chicken!!!!
  12. FYI I in NO WAY felt this poor little person a burden, I've walked into plenty of rooms to be faced with heartbroken spouses who lost their best friend. I lost my own husband after 15 years. I Knew he died, but waited 4 hours to call ems- I told them "I'm a nurse- send the coroner, NOT ems, I won't allow them to code my husband-" I know Jae- He wanted to die in the arms of a woman that loved him at home, not in a nameless place and time, It still hurts thought-
  13. Bless you all.
  14. Thank you for entrusting your babies to me- Rest assured I value them as you do. Blessings.
  15. Thank you- ONC Nurses are a special kind of angel.....
  16. bless you all