Travel company refusing to pay for time worked.

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So I've been with a travel company for the last 4 years. I've always worked my butt off- Every facility I've worked at through them has offered me a job. I've sent fellow nurses in their direction. I love my recruiter, I think she's awesome. HOWEVER- I've had ongoing issues with them not getting things- Part is because a lot of the certs, paperwork, ect are sent via email or text. I take a picture of the document they need and send it. The area I live and work has questionable reception.

I worked out the last of my contract and sent my time in. I never was contacted by the company- they claim they never got my time. I noticed my check never went in and contacted them. They stated that because it was more than 20 days, the company they work through refuses to pay them, so they are refusing to pay me. 1. Nothing in any of the contracts was there anything about having to send time in within x amount of days. 2. After much back and forth, they generously said they'd pay me for the hourly wage (18.00 and hour) but are refusing to pay me the meal and housing stipends- that's what brings your salary up to a decent level. I'm thinking what they are doing is illegal, certainly immoral. I can't believe they'd care so little about an employee. I can't believe they'd risk losing a damn good traveler, not to mention the bad press. I specifically chose a big company so things like this wouldn't happen. I'm disgusted.

I'm disgusted, too. And I'm no expert, but that really doesn't sound legal. Is there a labor board you might be able to consult with? Maybe they just need a little encouragement to be decent human beings.

JdougRN I'm sorry to hear that this is happening to you, from my perspective as a recruiter it looks like something isn't right here. I can't guarantee that they are doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what they mean by the "Company" refuses to pay them. Agencies are paid by the facility using the bill rate on your contract and we use that money to pay our travelers. The only thing that makes sense to me about this 3rd party company is if they are using a collection company to gather their money from facilities and that is some sort of agreement between the two of them. However, we are always on our nurses to make sure they turn in their time sheets every Monday because if not we don't get paid. It doesn't seem to add up that they didn't push harder to gather the bill rate from your last week of work.

File a claim for wages owed with the Labor Board, either the Board where your employer is located or the Board where you performed the work, as appropriate. Accept no subsequent assignments with this agency.

You will have to sue the agency for breach of contract. You have a reasonable case as standard practice if they didn't receive your time is to ask within a day or so. Kind of astonishing that they didn't ask you or the facility.

You have no claim you can file with the Labor Board (or in civil court) for non-payment of wages as you were paid. They cannot enforce your contract, in fact in many states all they can recover is minimum wage.

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Saw your post on travel gypsy. Your agency owes you money if that contact didn't say you can be called off unpaid. PM me the agency so I won't apply with them ever if you don't mind thank you!

Contact the state and federal Congressmen/women' and Senators' offices where you live and/or work.

Ask them to intervene on your behalf and/or give you the contact information for who to contact to

rectify this ridiculousness.

Legislators cannot fix this. It would require a breach of contract lawsuit in a civil court. Not worth it.

Can you share what company? I am about to return to travel nursing and want to avoid them. Thanks 

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