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  1. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    Jkl33 I reread your post several times and do agree with most and appreciate your thoughtful response. Have a nice evening and hope to see you at the March on Washington.
  2. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    I appreciate your opinion and do not agree with most if it. Thanks
  3. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    I have read the postings through and noted a disturbing pattern that if anyone so much as gives an inkling that any agent (s) other than RV are at fault or have acted in an irresponsible way they are shut down with vigor dismissing comments as “that’...
  4. Vanderbilt Nurses

    This is the first thread I have seen focused on the egregious coverup of Vandy. Check out the comments by their nurses on their fb page, hi larios, I don’t work there but there are plenty of jobs for a nurse. I fully support the nurses of Vanderbilt ...
  5. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    I would have told the ordering provider I am not comfortable given versed for a head bleed pt in an MRI needing close monitoring, would have asked for ativan 0.5PO, the MRI (just what I read) was non-urgent a follow up, so the ordering provider is co...
  6. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    I hear you and my point is this you and I disagree, sometimes posters who disagree can sort of takeover the post not saying that is happening here just would like to respectfully bow out agreeing to disagree. Thanks
  7. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    I hear you and acknowledge your opinion and feeling like you were attacked personally. Let’s just agree to disagree. Some threads digress into two or three people responding endlessly sucking out the oxygen of the original post and I responded to you...
  8. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    Do you work currently inpatient? I feel you may not have a current understanding of the daily goings on not about demanding patients really.
  9. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    Let’s be honest, lord of the flies syndrome runs wild in nursing and here is a perfect example of that. The amount of research and effort posters have shown throwing accelerant on the fire against the nurse is impressive. This was a medication error ...
  10. Radonda Vaught Trial

    How many pts do you think died of medical error this year? Why now why this case for criminal charges, how much does that facility pay in settled malpractice cases per year. So all medical error that causes death is criminal, since when
  11. Radonda Vaught Trial

    Cannot believe these comments about her, there was no intent even if she was grossly negligent. What about all the docs mistakes are you kidding me
  12. Radonda Vaught Trial

    I have not read any comments. There are medical errors that nurses have done that I personally know about wrong blood pt died, nurse ignoring pt heart rate pt died, PCA set very wrong by two nurses pt died, physician intubated into the stomach teenag...
  13. International travel agencies

    BTW the company for the Germany job is VESA Heath and Technology good luck
  14. Travel nurse company reviews

    I am in the same spot, have looked at Aya, triage nurse, American traveler and have my application submitted for a hospital in West Virginia with Medical Solutions. I feel like the reviews are not helpful due to recruiters are so varied in helpfulne...
  15. International travel agencies

    On indeed there is a Germany/lanstuhl case mgr position for one year, pay 70k and not great going to Europe right now but check it out.