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This is very hard to put into words without trying to offend anyone in particular.

For those patients that have been confined to their bed/room for long periods of time, is there enough privacy given to them where they can 'release' their tensions in the form of masturbation? Are spouses/partners allowed to be intimate with the patient? I know this is a touchy subject, no pun intended. But sexuality is part of recovery as there is proven facts of the benefits of an orgasm.

Please note, this thread is not intended to vulgarize this subject. Seriously. What is your opinion, if any, on this matter?


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I turned the other cheek...My pt was a lady with some dental work gone way wrong. She had like 5 I&Ds before it was all over--like a month or 2. It's not the most romantic setting, but if the pt's health will not be harmed by such acts, who am I to stop nature?


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Personally, I have never encountered the situation. The majority of my placement has been on a med/surg unit where the patients are usually discharged within a maximum of five days. One of my classmates was assigned to the chronic side one day and there was one elderly gentleman who enjoyed pleasuring himself. There was nothing inappropriate about it. He would tell her that he wanted to have a nap, and would close his door in an attempt to ensure his own privacy. We all knew what he was doing, and he knew that, but no one acknowledged it or reduced themselves to childish giggling. He appreciated our discretion and we appreciated his. As long as no one is turning a normal human function into a joke (either the patient or the health care staff), it hurts no one and may actually help the client.

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Generally nothing at all wrong with this. And many good health related reasons for allowing it.

Of course, under some circumstances and in some specific situations, there could be countervailing considerations.


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Hey LG,

Got any studies on why 'jerkin-it' is good for your health? You're like a jack of all healthcare-topics! (no pun intended!)

(please,please, PLEASE take this post with a grain of salt...i was making some childish fun, and probably deserve being censored...!!..)

I apologize if this post offended you or anyone else!!

I knock on the door of every room if it is closed. I have often had male patients request that I return later. I do not judge nor condemn any patient for taking whatever actions necessary to address their sexual needs. I have addressed this subject with doctors, they have given me a wide range of responses, everything from "who cares" to "oh, no". Once I have discovered that a patient is engaging in any type of activity I do try to give this info to the CNA and any nurse following me. I find that it saves patients, family, and staff from embarrassing situations.

As humans, we know sex is important to each of us, only in different ways and in our own time frame. I find that a little respect and thoughtfullness goes a long way in these situations.

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Yes, I've walked in on both female and male patients masturbating. I've also had a couple of "couples" caught under the sheets "with movement going on" (not saying what they may have been doing since I wasn't under the sheets with them). I've also witnessed a male on top of his girlfriend with baggy jeans dropped to knees. The minute they heard the curtain pulled back, the man jumped to his feet and pulled up his pants. I gave the patient her pain med, asked her if she needed anything from a "nursing point of view", and she said "no thanks", then I exited the room and shut the door. The only problem was there was an elderly lady (hard of hearing) in the bed closest to the door who was snoring as I entered and exited the room. :roll

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I came across a male patient confined to bed cleaning himself up afterward. No problem, made my night a little better with him more relaxed.

I'll never forget the time I came into a room and a young female patient of mine was recieving oral services by her man on his knees on the other side of the bed. He jumped up very quickly and I exited the room trying to stifle a laugh because the look on their faces was so funny. I came back later and we all just grinned at each other without saying anything.

Whenever I see a couple in bed together, I do ask the nonpatient to get out of the bed if there is another patient in the room. I know they want to cuddle, but I need to be able to get to my patient without another person in the bed.


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Originally posted by Dinith88

Hey LG,

Got any studies on why 'jerkin-it' is good for your health? You're like a jack of all healthcare-topics! (no pun intended!)

(please,please, PLEASE take this post with a grain of salt...i was making some childish fun, and probably deserve being censored...!!..)

I apologize if this post offended you or anyone else!!

:smokin: I find this to be a very tantalizing subject. No pun intended.


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There was a guy on our floor who couldn't keep his hands off himself WHILE HE HAD A FOLEY. I think he was turned on by the fact that the Foley gave the illusion that he was larger than he really was -- the girls were horrified and wouldn't enter the room -- asked me to tell him to stop -- . I thought the whole ordeal was funny -- I just didn't think it was a good idea for him to try to --ahem-- cum past the Foley should he have reached an orgasm. We expediated his "discharge" (no pun intended) as best we good.

This is a wonderful topic.

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I pull the door shut if it's open. I always knock before entering anyone's room.

And i always wear gloves when touching that person or anything else for that matter. The phrase "don't know where it's been" comes to mind.


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I wasnt there for this but once heard a story of a teen getting caught w/ older boyfriend. Parents were called then police and charges were brought.:eek:

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