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Dinith88 has 15 years experience and specializes in CCU/CVU/ICU.

36. male. Married w/children.

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  1. What do you know/have you been taught about Sepsis?

    International project? Have you been talking with Xigris reps/Eli Lily? :)
  2. Stop the bullying

    That's it sissies..I'm gonna kick your butts! (cracks knuckles)
  3. takotsubo syndrome "broken heart"

    Yes Takotsubo reverses... usually within a few weeks to a few months. Cardiac function usually returns to baseline in that time. In my experience with it, an initial improvement occurs over a few-to-several days but residual HF symptoms can take long...
  4. Nursing Stereotypes and a Dumb Society

    I smell an inferiority complex here. Or just an unhappy dork.
  5. Question for the CCRNs

    Spoken like a new grad. I'm glad you get confused for a seasoned nurse. Kudos.
  6. Question for the CCRNs

    New grads can be ok going into ICU (or any other department). There's just a bigger (much bigger) learning curve than with experienced nurses who migrate to ICU. And regardless...even when a new -grad becomes a 1 year, 2 year, or even a 3 year nurse...
  7. Do ICU nurses really have more autonomy?

    Nah thats wrong. The reason for this is because (forgive me if this has been stated already), In the vast majority of ICU's there are no doctors there 24/7. Yes, certainly there are many hospitals that have intensivists, and hospitalists, and etc... ...
  8. Education 101: ER vs. ICU

    You make fair points. And i agree.
  9. Education 101: ER vs. ICU

    I'm kicking myself because i keep looking at this thread! But because i was personally insulted my curiosity gets the best of me...but wow...your post is a perfect example of what i was talking about. I cut it to highlight my point... So...my respons...
  10. Education 101: ER vs. ICU

  11. Education 101: ER vs. ICU

    Ouch! You wound me with your cyber-barbs!! ignorant of me to point out generalizations? Forgive me if you mistakenly assumed i meant ER nurses are inferior. That wasn't the point. Seriously. I am a firm believer you cant judge a nurse by the unit s...
  12. Education 101: ER vs. ICU

    This post...and the bazillion other posts like it share common threads...and can kind-of shed light into the roots of this 'cross-unit animosity'....just read them.... First off, it's a generalization...specific to YOUR hospital...and the people YOU...
  13. General Q's About Nurses -- Thinking of becoming one

    really depends on where you are geographically. Around here, there is a 'glut' of people wanting to become nurses...so schools are very selective. Meaning they typically take those with the best GPA's/records...it's unfortunately fairly common for s...
  14. Calcium Chloride vs Calcium Gluconate

    Yes! ...but you should qualify that by stating that it only helps if the patient is calcium deficient (as is fairly common s/p CABG). It wont 'do the opposite' and raise BP otherwise...
  15. Nursing Job Shortage?

    YOu're male. Middle-aged women nurse-managers seem to prefer male-nurses over female-nurses if they have a choice...even if the women are 'better' qualified. This is,of course, an opinion based on personal observations... but... i'm, right.