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Wanted to share my good news


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I know I'm very new here and all, but I just wanted to share my good news with y'all. A week ago I went to HR at the VA hospital I work at (I currently work there through an agency) and filled out an application for a full time job. Well, Thursday afternoon I called them up just to touch base and see if there was any word on a possible position, and if not I would do the MRT thing (like an in house agency, not sure what MRT stands for lol). Well, the lady I spoke with was just about to call me and told me that the NM on one of the floors was able to swing it to hire me on. I've worked that floor plenty of times and know the staff and get along very well with them, so that's a plus as well.

I have to go get my fingerprinting done Tuesday and after that I have to get my physical done there at the hospital. They're still going through to find out what my pay grade will be and I should find that out soon. Then, as soon as the next orientation class starts, then I'll be in that for a week (paid too :) ) and will likely start the following week of orientation.

My husband & I are both excited about this. If I start off at the pay grade HR showed me, then I'll be making about $500 more a month than I do right now. Plus they're getting a pay increase some time this year. We're both so glad I got this job. No more getting called in the morning being told "The VA does not need you today..." and not get paid. It's been happening an awful lot lately and I'm tired of it. The winter months are their busiest time of year since all the "snow birds" come down here, so it's odd that they'd cancel so often, as opposed to the summer months. I'll have a set schedule on days, which works well for myself and the fam. Can't wait to get started with them!!! :)


Good job! (hope you read the post on countering the first salary offer!) Just kidding! Sort of...

my first post didn't take, again congratulations

Congratulations A Million Times :cheers:

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How great to hear some good news!


Congratulations! Sounds like an excellent opportunity.

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Wishing you all the very best.

Congrats!!! Nice to hear some good news!!!

Good Luck!!


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Congrats!!! Nice to hear some good news!!!
Good Luck!!

Can't help but agree!

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