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  1. Nursebarebari

    What you didn't know

    Very brave! If they know what nurses go through, hmm...... thanks for sharing
  2. Nursebarebari

    Please stop telling others about allnurses.com

    Guilty as charge! I am one of those who spread the news. I think I have hooked fifty percent of the nurses and nursing students I know with allnurses. Sorry, but can't help it.
  3. Nursebarebari

    Trach patient in SNF?

    My first job as a nurse in NYwas in a nursing home. We had one big unit just for pulmonary patients, 24 ventilator beds, and the rest were for trach collar and other copd patients. Hope this help.
  4. Nursebarebari

    What info should be "tattooed" on a nurse's brain?

    Safety first. ALWAYS!!!
  5. Wow, I know it is not easy for new grad to find a job, but I think some states are a little better than others. My step-daughters god mother graduated in may last year and passed the boards in sept. She started working full time this january in a group home for $25.75/hr. Another person that just graduated got a weekend position in a nursing home recently. Maybe you should consider searching out of your area. This is in NYC. Good luck!
  6. Nursebarebari

    How Much Nursing School Debt Are You In?

    I pay out of pocket for LPN and RN associate degree programs. From RN -BSN, I took a loan of 10k. Every year when I get my tax return, 1 pay Sallie Mae 2k. I owe less than 15 hundred now which I intend to pay off with this coming year tax return. I will think of masters program when I finish paying for this loan.
  7. Nursebarebari

    Nurse assaulted

    Update: From the pressures of her co-workers and the union, the nurse finally agreed to press charges. Police was called and assailant was put in hand cuffs yesterday. Still in the hospital though, he will be discharged to the police today.:yeah:
  8. Nursebarebari

    Nurse assaulted

    No, I was not there from the begginning. I responded to the fire alarm with other nurses, we got there just when he released her.
  9. Nursebarebari

    LPN salary in New York??

    It is very low, but if no one else is offering you anthing better, then take it for now and keep looking for a better paying facility.
  10. Nursebarebari

    Nurse assaulted

    She agreed not to call the police because management did not want to be in the news. Some nurses were pushing her to call the police but she refused and decided to go with management decision. It was foolish. She was meeting with our union delegate yesterday and I dont know the outcome. All of us nurses will meet with the union 2pm today.
  11. Nursebarebari

    Nurse assaulted

    It is absolutly not a joke, this is very scary as it can happen to any any nurse or doctor at my hospital. I work in a very rough neighborhood where it is impossible to work a shift without taking care of this kind of patient. And there is nothing confusing about this post, I'm talking about how violent some hospital environment can be. The police was not called because management did not allow us. The patient was restraint and I dont know the rest of the story yet.
  12. Nursebarebari

    Nurse assaulted

    Two nights ago, a nurse at my job was assauted by a patient. The patient who was on methadone came to the ER around 4AM sunday. He was sedated and sent to a telemetry extension in the afternoon. He woke up in the night and asked for his 240 mg 10AM methadone that he missed at the clinic. The doctor could not verify the dose he claimed to get at the clininic because it was too late, so they ordered him 160mg. He got angry and grabbed the 120 pounds nurse and pinned her againt the wall. That telemetry extension is very small and is staffed with only 2 RNs or an RN and and a PCT or LPN. The area is only used when there is no bed in the hospital and the setting is more like ICU, no rooms, only curtains seperating the 8 beds. So a patient that was watching and did not know what to do pulled the fire alarm. Before any one arrived the second nurse who was picking up blood in the lab was back, she picked up a chair and threatened to hit the patient before he let go of the nurse. Ha, you need to see the frightened look on the poor nurse face. She was sent to the ER. Police was not called. This is not the first time something like this had happened to my hospital. A doctor was nearly hit in the head with a pill crusher by a patient about 2 months ago. His reason was that the doctors was pushing him to sign AMA when he decided to go home before he was discharged. The lucky doctor was able to dodge the pill crusher when it came flying.
  13. Nursebarebari

    Sitters, give 'em a break!

    Haldol, restraints and 1:1 sitter means the sitter wants to sleep and snore. If you want a break to stretch, you can do that right in the patient room, I can relieve you for bathroom break every 4 for hrs as needed, smoke all you want before coming to work because I may be too busy to relieve you for that, Don't come to work if you are having a diarrhea and have to go every 2hrs. It is hard to relieve you for a break every 2 hrs when I dont get one myself for 12.5 hrs. some of you sit for 12 hrs reading and writting your school essays, or watching tv. some even sleep 6 out the 12hrs on a night shift and still fuss about not being relieve for break. I don't remember the last time I took a break myself. I take food to work to eat on my break and end up giving it away in the morning or bringing it back home. We use to take a good 90 minutes break but that is no more with working short every night. We were told to be happy that we have a job when we voice out. So please forget that idea of being relieved every 2 hrs for break.
  14. Nursebarebari

    Reality check: new grad in SNF

    My first job as an LPN many years gave me 2 days orientation on a 40 patients bed unit. The worse part of it was that there was no second nurse for me to ask any question. I quit after 2 week and got me another job that that trained me for 2 wks on a rehab unit.
  15. Nursebarebari

    Lawsuit after patient kicks nurse

    You are right! "Nurses throw each other under the bus." We had a meeting to discussed our issues on the floor with our union one time. I reported to our union that we were being floated to work on 2 different units on one shift. it is a violation of our contract and all the nurses were compaining. Our union stepped in and put a stop to it. I thought we were all happy wiyh the outcome, but I was wrong. One of the nurses at the meeting reported me to our nurse manager that i was the one that reported the floating. May be I should have kept my mouth shut because I hardly float due to my seniority.
  16. Nursebarebari

    Lawsuit after patient kicks nurse

    \ This is so true!