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  1. Nursebarebari

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    If that amount of salary is very important to you, then advice them move to NY after graduation. Tell them to be prepare for the high taxes, rent in a decent area of Brooklyn in Brooklyn about 1700$ For 1 bedroom excluding utilities. My co-worker did few ot's and made 156 last yr, she paid back an additional of over 5k in taxes. I stopped doing OT's and enjoy my days off window shopping, at the beach, or take short vacations. My son is 21 and started working as a respiratory therapist, his salary including night differential is 71k and change, much less stress than nursing.
  2. Nursebarebari

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    She has been a nurse for 25 yrs is what she meant
  3. Nursebarebari

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    Easy to make 100k/yr in NY but cost of living is high. Base 80k, night diff 6k, experience 1.2k/yr, BSN 1.5k, certification 1.5k, per diem 54$/hr-56$/hr, 3% raise March 1st. Other hospitals maybe a little hig/low
  4. Nursebarebari

    Feeling extremely underappreciated

    Nurses sit down and gossip and toy with their phone? Where is this hospital pl? I would like to work there. And you being refered to as a nurses aid is because u were hired as a CNA regardless of your degree or diploma. And if you were hired as a paramedic, then u should sit down and have a discussion with the manager on exactly what your job description is.
  5. Nursebarebari

    Dr. told patient, "Nurses are STUPID".

    OMG! If that happened to me, I will bring it up in our daily huddle and my nurse manager will certainly address it with "Dr"
  6. Nursebarebari

    Thankful To Be A Nurse On Thanksgiving

    As a nurse, the first thing I'm thankful for is my family being healthy. I'm also thankful for having a job and meeting my financial needs/wants.
  7. Nursebarebari

    Unemployed x13 Months - Help!

    Change location. Critical nurses are hot cake in NY, 55 to 60$ an hr. My employer pay 58.97$ for per diem critical care nurse.
  8. Nursebarebari

    Terminated After Two Months!!

    OMG! Poor thing, I really don't know what to say but wish u all the best. I'm sure my fellow season nurses have tons of advise for u. Good luck!
  9. Nursebarebari

    How much training to ask for

    Thank you guys for responding. After much negotiations, they've come up with 3-4 weeks orientation. We are still not happy about that.
  10. Nursebarebari

    Do you still have energy to cook after a 12 hour shift?

    If I m not working the next day, I cook. Otherwise, the family just ea what is available
  11. Nursebarebari

    Highest Paid NP for 2015, According to AANP, Are NNPs

    The base for NP at my job is $104 and change plus 1k for every yr of experience.
  12. Nursebarebari

    What you didn't know

    Very brave! If they know what nurses go through, hmm...... thanks for sharing
  13. Nursebarebari

    Memorial Hermann RN pay

    Hello, I'm thinking of moving to Texas from NY and interested in this hospital. I know the pay is much lower than in NY where I make 6 figures with 14 yrs experience. Can anyone tell me how much they pay, base plus experience. And what the benefit is like. Thanks
  14. Med/surge for 1-2 yrs.
  15. Nursebarebari

    Why do Critical Care nurses look down their noses at Med-Surg nurses?

    Lol! That is what happens, anytime they float ICU nurse to our unit, they go crazy upon all their high skills. One punched out at 1020am instead of 730 when she floated to our unit.
  16. Nursebarebari

    How much training to ask for

    Hello critical care nurses, so my employer is always short of nurses in ICU. They made the desicion to float us, med/surge nurses, to ICU when needed with 1 week orientation. They said they will assign us the lighter patients which nobody is buying. We are in conflict with them. I want to know how much orientation you need as a med/surge nurse to work in ICU. Thanks