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  1. ilmbg

    Cannabis and Healthcare 2014

    As the above mentioned-I already fear more impaired drivers. You don't think for a second, do you that these people are going to stay home?!? Not a chance-even if they smoke in their own home, they will think how great it is! Wow-this is really cool! I can have weed legal now ya'all! If people can't drink and stay off the roads, if people can't stop texting while driving, how do you think a drug induced high person will say: "oh my-I'm high as a kite-better stay home now and do not go out with my friends.....". Not a chance. They are already driving under the influence of weed! Now there will just be many, many more of them.I pity the people/families that have to deal with the coming of more vehicle related deaths.Bad decision by our lawmakers.....
  2. I am curious.After having spent my life working in hospitals, then not working/moving for awhile, I want to look into a job in a drs office. I have very rarely seen positions listed on CL. Where do they advertise, or is it just word of mouth on the units where the docs work?There does not seem to be RN office jobs at the Texas Workforce either.I have never been in a situation in 30 years where hunting has been unsuccessful!Thanks
  3. ilmbg

    Is there any truth to this?

    Some of you need more education..... What were you taught about hypothyroidism? ? If your memory is shot I will remind you...one ss of hypo is low baseline temp. 96 is common. When that person rises to 98.5 that is like a normal baseline of 98.6 going up to100.6! VERY uncomfortable for that person These people do not tolerate warmer climates either. Research your endo! I can confirm....as I am one of them. Even though I take a total replacement (200mcg), I still run low baseline like the majority of other ↓thyroid patients. Low Wy and Montana.....HATE Florida/Texas! Don't think a patient is whining next time....
  4. I worked St Joe's on Woodward in the middle 80's. Post partum....would routinely have 10 mothers-some first day c-sections. Even though the nursery did vitals/assessment, we still spent time teaching/nursing, which in essence gave us twenty patients. Don't get me wrong--PP is easily the easiest job ever. But twenty pts is ridiculous! Maybe someone is tired of lawsuits!
  5. ilmbg

    Asked to work every other weekend, 16 hr. shifts!?

    This is an older thread.... And I am older and now more experienced...I also worked many many hours- my 12 hour shift routinely was 12-16-18 hours. It has been proven that any hours you work that is more than 10....subject you to making mistakes! It was well know when I worked and has not changed. If you do this you are subjecting yourself to potential lawsuits for making mistakes. Also,, as an older/wiser person,, I do not want to potentially harm a person. Live and learn! Some things only become clearer with age....
  6. ilmbg

    Help from experienced agency nurses...

    Look at the copy of the paper you signed with the agency. It probably says (at the bottom I tiny print), that you may not work for any individual/agency for 6 months to one year after leaving the agency or you will be sued by the agency. Do not take what I have looked into for gospel! I asked a few agencies what their rules of departure were... I also have heard that the agencies have a weak statement to enforce but I would urge you to ask a contract lawyer. Good luck...I am also curious! Mic
  7. Please help me out here. I am both newer to Texas and new to HH. My first HH job and I am shocked the first day! Mind you, I have been in hospitals for many years-ICU/THORACIC/ER... On my first day, when time for meds, I find out meds are already in a nondescript 'home-type' pill box! There are several times of the day to give meds. I know WHAT meds to give but who the H put them all in a pillbox!! What if that person screwed up??! Are all states this way about HH meds? I am horrified.... I have to trust that some other person did this right! With all the trouble I had transferring my compact license- TBON 'didn't get' items sent by myself and my other state of license, told me incorrect answers to what I needed several times...it was a disaster... I understand that Texas is a hothouse for people coming to a state and lying about what/where they went to school etc... Now this fiasco of loose meds?? Also, when the Agency called me at the last minute for a night shift, the night CNA (they could not find anyone else for replacement, so they used me, an RN),, pointed to a bedroom by the patients and said "you can sleep in there".......yes I was going to be tired but I would not CONSIDER sleeping!! When I said "you don't sleep while your here, do yo"? The leaving CNA said "why not"? Geez! Please foregive me but is this the attitude of HH in Texas!? I am not impressed-at least with my first HH company...
  8. Wow! I used to work in Michigan. Sometimes 10 postpartum patients! Of course that meant teaching breast feeding moms, changing diapers, etc. the vitals were taken by nursery staff, but then the babies came out to us. Go Blue!
  9. Fiona, You are lucky! What province do you live? And, if it is not too personal, can I ask about how much in US dollars you spend a year to renew your license, or is it every two years?
  10. I do not hear much about Liability Insurance anymore. I have gone to part time Home Health. Nobody that I have asked has their own. Is this due to the Recession, or is it considered outdated now? You comments are welcome. and what you think about the general cost if you do carry it. Thx
  11. ilmbg

    'Mobile computing forum'?

    I see a comment by a moderator about moving a thread to the 'mobile computing forum'. I see a 'mobile app' forum, but not a separate 'computing' forum. Where do I find this? Thx
  12. ilmbg

    How do I find private duty work outside of an angency?

    I do not think it is wise to send out cards or any info when taking care of a pt or discharging them. That would be a conflict of interest and a good way to get fired. Not while the patient is on hospital property. A friend in Hawaii was recently fired for doing the same.
  13. Yes, I finally got my license...but not after they said they had everything......and I looked up my permanent license number.....only to find out later that they never did change from the temporary to permanent. It was such a mess. I have worked a few days a month with Home Health. Love it.
  14. I recently got my RN from Virginia license transferred to Texas (compact states). This was the most confusing, misinformed process I have ever gone through! I have had licensing in 6 other states. NOTHING has been such a nightmare. Please talk to more than 1person at TBON. I got different answers from each person. They lost three sets of transcripts from the school where I did my nurse refresher course. They misplaced items. They told me I HAD to take THEIR Jurisprudence class even though I had taken an accepted class. TBON was the most incompetent BON I have ever experienced. Be careful. Good luck.
  15. ilmbg

    Men's incontinent brief

    My male patient uses incontinent briefs. He is sensitive to the elastic at the leg opening. So far, we have found none that have a cloth-like band at the leg opening.Can someone be of assistance regarding a product?This is an active gentleman.Thank you.