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hey guys,

I start this fall in my nursing program and Im extremely anxious!!! Im looking for any advice that will help me in school. Whats the thing you can NOT live w/o during nursing school? What was the best study method for you? Index cards, recorders, palm pilots? What should I take to clinicals? I know you all were anxious when u started!!!

thanks guys

p.s. ....im hoping this will end up being a HUGE thread that other anxious students can read

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Hi and CONGRATULATIONS on enerting nursing school!! It is an awesome career! I have not been a student for a couple of years...Yes, nursing school is very difficult...but you will do fine. The school will tell you all that is expected of you, what you need to bring to clinical etc. As far as studying...that is SO individual...some people do well just reading, some make flash cards, some do better in forming study groups. Think about how YOU learn and remember best and then utilize that method. My biggest recommendation is buying an NCLEX review book fairly early on and practicing..not only will it help you with current exams, but with your ultimate goal...Congrats again, and welcome to nursing!


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Carrot sticks, celery sticks (these keep you from biting someone's head off), xanax (ditto), a good stethoscope that's a nice color but isn't expensive cause it might not come back one day, at least one good friend (or make one in clinicals), my iphone with epocrates, a dog to come home to ('cause they love you no matter what you do), hemostats, tape, a notebook for your pocket, a good bottle of wine at home, fresh fruit, lots of water, enough coffee to fill a beer keg (daily preferably), bandage scissors (and keep 'em close and labeled), the most comfortable white shoes you can find, the patience of a yogi (with yourself and your universe), a good library/24hr coffee shop/cave in your home to study in (where the water/coffee/snacks are easy and noone bugs you), a mechanic, a maid, a launderer, a handyman, a good park to walk in (this also keeps you from biting someone's head off), and enough self knowledge that you know that you are not perfect - that you can do this - you will survive - and that there are going to be times when you don't feel like you can (and that is what the good friend is for!).

But that is just my life Just keep dancing

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:yeah:thanks jessi and madnurse!! I actually hate coffee, but I am POSITIVE me and coffee will have a much better relationship during NS :D. You both listed some things i had not thought of yet and will definitely add to my list. either of u invest in a digital recorder...i want to get an itouch also for pda and listening to lectures!!!! and haha...madnurse i will seriously need a maid and a COOK...im a wife and a mommy to a child with special care needs and I have guardianship over my 17 yr old sister who will be a senior in HS this august...im just hoping i wont get so stressed that i used the said hemostats to slit my own throat..lol..im totally jk :saint:

keep em coming guys...

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Definitely a planner. Especially at the beginning when they're giving you tons of info, it's nice to be able to write down your schedule and when things are due so you don't forget anything. Good luck!

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Class-a 3 ring binder or notebook for EACH class, a planner to write down when your lab demos or important meetings are, your lab demo kit, patience, the abiility to listen over your classmate's talking, a good quiet place to study at or in, caffinee(I also don't like coffee, but I single handedly raised pepsi's bottom line over those 2 years), One bag big enough to fit everything into, and make a couple of friends in the class to have study group with or be able to count on if you have a emergency.

Clinical- black pens, sharpies, report sheets, I would recommend a binder with dividers over a clipboard, calculator, drug guide, a nice stethoscope(if you do go high quality-like littman- do NOT let anyone borrow it if it is going out of your sight!), patience, snacks in the bag, 5-dollar bill in the bag in case you forget your wallet, singles for a quick snack, bandage sissors, paper tape, and anything else your school tells you to bring.


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so guys....what about digital recorders or PDAs?????...im thinking about an itouch

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so guys....what about digital recorders or PDAs?????...im thinking about an itouch

Plenty of threads in the Mobile computing forum

allnurses Guide

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Go to Pet Smart and have the smaller tags engraved with your name and phone number, to attach to your stethescope and scissors. That's how mine have come back to me many times.

Thanks to all those that gave advice and to Mrskellrd for starting the thread. I too am so nervous about starting in the fall and I already feel totally lost because I don't know what's expected. This thread has helped...thanks!

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The best things to have? A good attitude and the ability to "go with the flow".

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