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Vision/Hearing Screenings

millhouse specializes in ICU, Hospice, Nursing Education.

This is my first year as a school nurse and was wondering who you use for vision/hearing screenings. I know a lot of you may do it yourself, but I am hoping to get some insight on who is out there to use for the screenings. I have my vision screening taken care of, but cannot think of who may do hearing screenings. Any ideas?? Thanks!:idea:

kidsnurse1969 specializes in Coronary Care, School Nurse.

I am in Illinois. The v/h screening is ran by the health dept. If the nurse is not certified to do it then the health dept will do it for a fee.

hammergirl5 specializes in M/S, Ortho, L&D, Neuro, Peds, School Nur.

I have to do my own ... other nurses in my district may help out, but we generally do or own.

We do our own. The state has a hearing screen training program (8hr class) and then you (if you are an RN) are certified to do hearing screens.

The idea behind the hearing screen is to quickly screen as many children as possible. The students that don't pass, even one tone, are rescreened at a later date. This clears all but about 10% of students.

We have started scheduling students on a particular morning, and all the district nurses do nothing but hearing screen for that morning. We can screen an entire class of 30 students in less than 10 mins. with everyone helping out. We do it one morning a week until the entire school is tested, then move on to the next school. Then it is up to the nurse assigned to that school to do all the rescreening of the students that didn't pass it the first time around.

We do JUST hearing screening at that time. We used to do vision at the same time, but it was too noisy and chaotic.

I work at a private school and we have our local university come to do the screenings. The professor from the school of education will come with a group of students and do the whole screening for us.

Our nursing students from the local college come in with there instructors and do our health fair which includes V/H screenings plus much more it works out great if there is ever any question they call their instructor over to help then if they are still having problems the flag it to be retested at a later date then I recheck and if the child still fails we reffer to the childs doctor. It work good for our schools.

millhouse specializes in ICU, Hospice, Nursing Education.

elemnurse... that is a great idea!!


mustlovepoodles specializes in OB/GYN, Peds, School Nurse, DD.

Ugh. I have to get on my H/V screenings. It's not even that I have to do so many--just the 3rd & 5th grades. A total of 5 classes, about 120 students.Plus our 3 classes of autistic students ( very difficult, most of them have sensory issues and many are not able to cooperate, but I am required to put them through it anyway to *prove* that they can't comply.) I hate doing H/V screenings. *sigh* We've been in school 3 weeks now. Gotta get on it.

millhouse specializes in ICU, Hospice, Nursing Education.

We are into the 3rd week as well. I ended up talking with other nurses in the community and Walmart Optical will be coming to do my vision screenings and then the Lyons Club will be coming to the Hearing screenings a week later. I didn't want to do them together... figured it would be too chaotic. There is just NO free space in my school to get it done. I just need to get a few parents to volunteer to go and get the appropriate classes and take em back!

I thought anyone who performed the V/H screenings in Illinois schools HAD to be certified by Illinois Department of Public Health? That's what I was taught during certification.

luvschoolnursing specializes in School Nursing.

I do my own vision screenings. 1,000 kids. Takes me all year! I try to do ht/wt at the same time. Our speech therapists have always been willing to help with the hearing. It really speeds up the process. We can get all of 11th grade done in about an hour, then that just leaves me with the re-checks, special ed and absent kids. Screenings are a very time consuming part of my job.


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