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  1. millhouse

    Don't need a brain to be a School Nurse?

    Frankly, I left hospital nursing because it was a thankless job (the majority of the time). Patients do not respect you and the responsibilities you carry. And the responsibilities placed on floor nurses are ridiculous these days with budget cost/nurse patient ratio's and such. Just because the times are bad doesn't mean people don't become ill! They (patients) think, in general, that you are there to serve them and them only. I love school nursing. Im in an elem setting and the kids are so great! How often do you get a chance to make a difference in a childs life... on a daily basis? Sure, the money is not the greatest... but it is what it is. Hopefully, maybe one day school nurses will be recognized and compensated the way the should. I do hand out occasional bandaids, but... I also manage some very medically fragile students. In the hospital, you can bounce questions off of fellow nurses. In the school YOU are it! There is a lot of responsibility there. I think the comments made by your peers regarding school nursing are just a lack of knowledge as to what school nursing is about. You can try and educate them on that... but more than likely, it will do no good! Heck, maybe deep down they would LOVE a job like school nursing where you get to take care of kiddos, have EVERY holiday/snow day OFF, and all summer off! Maybe they are a little envious?!? Who knows!
  2. Just curious, anyone out there using EMR rather than paper for cumulative health file (shot records/clinic notes) etc.? If so, what software do you use?? I would love to go to EMR and I know it's a cost thing.. just curious what your opinions are (if you use EMR)? Thanks-
  3. millhouse

    Another "Ice cures everything" thread

    haha cute!!
  4. millhouse

    Spring Bread can't get here soon enough!! (vent)

    Thanks- Never thought of it!! This is my first year in school nursing. I think I will be working on the posters in what little spare time I have! Atleast be ready for next year!! Spring Break 4/16-4/25 Whooo hoooo!! Last day of School 6/10!!
  5. I love my job to pieces but wow I am starting to get a short fuse with some of these kids. They come for the most outrageous reasons!! If a little kindergartner comes for a bandaid because of an ouchie.... I'm fine with that! But when 4th and 5th graders come because there throat starting hurting approx 3 min ago, or they eat lunch and suddenly have a stomachache because they scarfed down their food so quickly and now have a bellyache, and god forbid giving it some time before demanding they come to the clinic. I am seeing the same kids over and over. And ice.... ice is becoming an issue!! Everyone want ice for the most insane reasons. Since when does ice help a splinter?? I have given so much ice out this year... and thinking now I shoulda said NO, you don't need it! If I woulda charged a nickel for every bag of ice I hand out... I could quit my job!! :) I think it goes both ways... the kids and adults need a break!! Hopefully spring break will refresh me enough to make it til the end of school!! :dncgbby:
  6. millhouse


    We don't do them either... we just send out information on scoliosis and recommend to have their physician evaluate.
  7. millhouse

    School clinic substitutes- help!

    You are absolutely right and I hadn't really thought about it that way. Unfortunately, when you take off without a sub... the secretary is put out by it and end up having to do the nurse's job and it doesn't affect the one who SHOULD be doing something about it. It would be nice if that person (the coordinator) had to cover... and then something might change. But, that is not the way it works in my district.
  8. millhouse

    Do you work at your kid's school?

    I work at my daughters school. We don't live in the district, and the one we do live in... the schools aren't so great. It's one of the benefits to be able to choose any school in the county you want your child to attend. My daughter is in Kindergarten and I LOVE being there with her. It is about a 40 minute drive, but I don't have to be there until 8:15 so she doesn't get up until 6:40 or so and we are out the door by 7:30a. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having her there. I feel like all the staff look out for her and I am so thankful for that. When we have half days and I have to be there the full day, I just grab a tv/dvd player from the library and she will watch movies or play with some of the other staff kids. It's such a great benefit. Hope this helps!!
  9. millhouse

    Who's ready for Spring Break??? (this is a vent)

    I would not continue bugging the parent to obtain the order, but I would call them to come administer the inhaler every time their kid feels "tight". Eventually, they will obtain that order!! It's so frustrating with some parents... but you can only do so much!! THEY have to take some responsibility too!! Breathe .... summer is just around the corner!!
  10. millhouse

    School health calendar

    http://www.healthfinder.gov/nho/nho.asp Here is a link to National Health Observances 2011. For instance, this month there is Poison Prevention week. I called my local Poison center and they sent me magnets/stickers/pamphlets to pass out to the kids. I included some info in my monthly clinic newsletter about it as well. Hope this helps!!
  11. millhouse

    Question for Grads from 2000-2005

    Grad in 2003... no problem for me either! There was jobs everywhere at that time. I agree, give it some time... right now not many are willing to hire new grads. It'll pick back up I'm sure... as I am sure you are aware that people are sicker and sicker these days!
  12. millhouse

    School clinic substitutes- help!

    It's sad that something tragic is going to have to happen to cause change.
  13. millhouse

    Substitute Teacher Gives Boy Medicine Overdose

    Hmmm rare med pass??? Not sure about you, but there isn't such a thing in my school. So, it's selfish and ignorant to have nurses in schools?? You must not have a brittle diabetic child, or one with severe seizures that require rectal diazepam, or a child needing special care for cystic fibrosis, and on and on! Children are sicker and sicker these days. I as a parent believe that all children should be provided education regardless of their health state. And, I would be grateful to have a nurse there taking care of my child. I completely understand what is lacking in education and the funding and budget problems. None the less, all kids deserve an education even if they are medically fragile. 1 nurse to take care of 1 school IMO is not selfish or ignorant... it's what is right! Not to mention, the schools are paying pennies for nurses. They aren't compensated they way they should. So it's not like the schools are forking out "hospital pay" to these nurses.
  14. millhouse

    Standing Medication Orders in Schools (PRN's only)

    We don't need a MD signature on OTC meds unless the parent wants the OTC med weight based. Our policy is to go by age based (4-6yr old can have 2 tablets q 4 hours PRN). Kids are bigger these days for their age and so the dosage would be different. Makes sense to me, but the county hasnt changed it yet. The parent brings in the med and fills out the order for it. Then there is a PRN MAR that is signed when the child comes to get some. The parent MUST bring in the meds in... none are to be transported by students. The meds would be kept in the nurses office locked up and dispensed by the nurse.
  15. millhouse

    Going by your middle name -- problematic?

    I really cannot see where this would be a problem. As long as you have the proper identification with your legal name on it (ss card, drivers license, birth certificate) to prove you are who you say you are, who cares what you go by?