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  1. hammergirl5

    5th grade puberty class

  2. hammergirl5


    sounds ok to me ... we can use cough drops though ... we have a list of "standard treatments" that we use that is on our website and goes home with every student in the begining of the year. If a parent has any issues they can "opt out" of the standard treatments.
  3. hammergirl5

    School nurse position @ my children's school

    I love my job! The pay is half of what I made at a major university medical center here in Richmond, VA ... but the time with my family and being there for them is priceless. The job itself is very rewarding ... I totally agree with momnurse23 ... she couldn't have said it any better, as I was going to say nearly the exact same thing ... minus the home health.
  4. hammergirl5

    5th grade puberty class

    thank you! I will have to see if I can get permission to order from there!
  5. hammergirl5

    5th grade puberty class

    I can not locate "weiners.com" ... does anyone know anywhere else you can order these from?
  6. hammergirl5

    5th grade puberty class

    That is where I ordered my "kits" from ... and they have a lot less than they used to offer. The girls only get a small pamphlet and a sample pack of pads/tampons and the boys only get a small pamphlet. They used to give deodorant samples as well ... I was not impressed this year.
  7. hammergirl5

    5th grade puberty class

    :uhoh3:This is my first year in a middle school and I have to teach the 5th grade puberty education class in May ... any suggestions ladies and gentlemen?
  8. hammergirl5

    Teenage bowel training

    I feel awful for this young man. We had a similar situation in my middle school. Once the child started being being bullied and made fun of for smelling of "poop", the parents got on board with figuring out a "program" for the child, which seems to be working for him. I suggest getting your guidance counselors involved, seems to me that this could be a child welfare issue. Good luck!
  9. hammergirl5

    Any male school nurses here?

    we have a male school nurse sub in our district and the kids love him! he is actually my favorite sub to call in!
  10. hammergirl5

    P & G puberty kits

    Same here! Hopefully they will!
  11. hammergirl5

    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    I have to do my own ... other nurses in my district may help out, but we generally do or own.
  12. hammergirl5

    Ideas for Red Ribbon Week

    love the pajama day idea! middle schoolers like it too, LOL!
  13. hammergirl5

    Replacing School Nurses with Health Techs

    love it! excellent points made!
  14. hammergirl5

    Back to school~

    good luck guys! we are back to school in early September!
  15. hammergirl5

    Subbing ?

    Subbing is how I "got my foot in the door". I do however have 12 years of other nursing experience as well though! Check your states requirments for school nurses.