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  1. elemnurse

    What supplies do you take during a fire drill?

    We have a policy certain people are to grab certain things for example the secertary is to grab the 1st aid kit, the guidance counselor is suppose to help me grab the emergency medication box that contains inhalers, epipens, and glucagons. I always take my medical concerns list and the medcation log book, and the assistant principal grabs the AED off the stage on his way out.
  2. elemnurse

    Feelin overwhelmed by the Paperwork

    How do you do it all???? I have a school with 600 students and I want to know how everyone else gets all the careplans done in a timely mannor? I know I am suppose to do a classroom careplan on "any medical problem that affects the students ability to learn". But that's everything, between seeing a student every 5mins allday everyday and being called from one end of the buliding to the next, No to mention having to cover 2 other schools as needed. Any tips or advice??? Do you have any good short careplans you could share with me??
  3. I have a form I have been using that I made up but I'm looking for something different this year that is a little more user friendly that's why I was ask for some example to see what other school nurse's use and maybe that way I can come up with something a little better than what I am already using.
  4. elemnurse

    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    Our nursing students from the local college come in with there instructors and do our health fair which includes V/H screenings plus much more it works out great if there is ever any question they call their instructor over to help then if they are still having problems the flag it to be retested at a later date then I recheck and if the child still fails we reffer to the childs doctor. It work good for our schools.
  5. we have to turn in a monthly report to our board of education to show what we are doing and seeing in the nurses office every month i am looking for a neat and easy 1 page form to fill out every month for them, does anybody have any examples? thanks
  6. elemnurse

    How Many School Nurses out there ???

    5 years - Alabama