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  1. kidsnurse1969


    It sounds like a great time to create a list of all of the things that you have done through the year to be given to your administration. Things like: Administered XX doses of medication, Assessed and treated XX injuries, Assessed and treated XX students for illness, Sent XX students home for illness, Made XX parent contacts by phone... There isn't any reason not to be proud of what you have accomplished and toot your own horn a little.
  2. kidsnurse1969

    Totally out of the loop...aargh!

    I had a similar experience last week. I got a phone call from the county health department asking if any of our kids that were on the field trip to the zoo the day before had any GI symptoms. I said that we didn't have any kids at the zoo yesterday only to find out later that we did. I felt foolish when I had to call the county health department back to let her know the real story. I have recently sent out an e-mail asking teachers to keep me informed of field trips so that I can arrange meds and provide a first kits. Most of the teachers cooperated. You would think that the teacher would want the kiddos to get their meds (especially for ADHD). It would make their trip more peaceful.
  3. kidsnurse1969

    Topics for teenagers?

    Stress Management, Depression vs "the blues", prescription medication abuse, date rape and domestic violence,
  4. kidsnurse1969

    Introducing a Helper

    I try to put up a display in May the says something like "Who needs what in 2011" I give information about physicals, immunization and dental requirements for attending school in my state.
  5. kidsnurse1969

    funny office visit

    It is not just the little kids. Last week I had a junior in my high school complain of her hands being blue and tingly. I was not in that building until the afternoon so I contacted her mom ( who works in the elementary school) and told her to check in on her daughter. The student felt fine except for her hands. The high school called me again later and said her hands were worse so I go to the high school as soon as I can. Her vital signs were normal. Cap refill in fingers were normal but the hands were blue and very cold to the touch. I decided to put her hands in warm water to see if the tingling would stop if they were warmer. After a couple of minutes, I checked the temperature and notice that the blue is dripping off. Can you guess?? New dark wash blue jeans! I sent her back to class and tried not to laugh in front of her.
  6. kidsnurse1969

    First work related dream since being a school nurse

    I had dreams about head lice several times during my first months on the job. I had to stop telling my husband about them since they were freaking him out too.
  7. kidsnurse1969

    funny office visit

    Yesterday I had a 4th grader with the worse pain of his life everywhere from his neck down. Walking, talking and no tears. He must really like me because he comes to see me a lot.
  8. kidsnurse1969


    After seeing 3 or 4 students from the same substitute, I will take my thermometer and stethoscope to the classroom and give the talk about who gets sent home and how we have to work through minor discomforts. I check everybody's temp and get it over with in 5 minutes instead of all day. The subs and the regular teachers are usually grateful for visit.
  9. kidsnurse1969

    Need your help/suggestions!

    Portion controls is a good one. Many kids (and adults) don't know what a real serving size looks like thanks to our super-sized lives.
  10. kidsnurse1969

    Medication Problems

    I have used a sticker chart to help students remember to get their meds. When the student comes on time, they get a sticker. When they have 5 stickers they get a reward. Then they need to earn 10 stickers for the next prize, then keep extending it. Maybe the kid can remember better than the teacher. Is there a slightly different time that the student can take the meds? A time that will fit into the class schedule better?
  11. kidsnurse1969

    Personal aide for student with seizures??

    I have a parent who is asking for a personal aide for her 17 year old daughter while on the school bus. The student has Partial complex seizures. She does not have any medication to give to her when she has an episode. Does anyone have experience with a student that required an aide for seizures? What were the circumstances? I do not see the need at this point. Thanks!
  12. kidsnurse1969

    school nursing tips

    This type of situation will be all too common if/when H1N1 becomes prevalent. How can we isolate sick kids on 2 cots in one little room?
  13. kidsnurse1969

    Spec. Ed RN, first aide/care

    Congratulation on the job! It sounds challenging. I do not use antibiotic cream or hydrogen peroxide without a doctor's order. Soap and water works just fine and doesn't challenge the nursing practice act.
  14. kidsnurse1969

    I PASSED!!!!

  15. kidsnurse1969

    Not off to a good start

    I advocate for the policy to be changed. I have supplied the appropriate research based information trying to get the policy changed. I am "on record" disagreeing with the no-nit policy. That said, I feel I have to be careful in this economic time. If I am uncooperative with the policy/decisions of the school then I can too easily be cut from the budget. I am sorry to say that I compromise on this issue so that I can make a difference in the lives of other students in the bigger picture. Does anyone else feel like they are playing "give and take" for the greater good?
  16. kidsnurse1969

    Not off to a good start

    Unfortunately, my district is holding fast to their no-nit policy. I have provided the research and advocated for a change of policy without success. I will continue to try to educate and update the policy. For now, I can only follow what is in place. The student on the pump is in 5th grade and is independent. The student in Jr High was instructed by her endocrinologist to have supervised injections to ensure compliance while at school. Since I am not able to be in that building during that time, the administration is responsible for this. They do not follow through either.