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  1. kidsnurse1969

    Terrible sack lunch advise

    A kindergarten teacher has recently noticed that one of her students is bringing a sack lunch containing nothing but chips, cookies, snack cakes and similar junk food. She is keeping an eye on the student's lunches to see if it is happening all the time or just on occasion. Mom is working. Dad stays home or works nights. It is an odd family but seems functional. Teacher has asked for my help in educating the parents. Does anyone have an short and sweet basic lunch guide that they use for this type of thing? I don't want to recreate the wheel. Thanks!
  2. kidsnurse1969

    How do you handle...

    I do not check students based on a report from a "innocent" third party. I will let the classroom teacher know that there has been a report. If he/she sees signs of an infestation (excessive itching, nits, live bugs) then he/she can request a headcheck and I will follow up. I am not going to be pulled into neighborhood/clique drama.
  3. kidsnurse1969

    Am I the only one? (Vent)

    If parents send a note like that to school then you know the kid will use it! I will generally let the kid call home so the parents can deal with the problem. The parents created that problem and they can deal with it! A parent can call the school once the child leaves home or send an e-mail to me or the teacher to give us a heads up if needed.
  4. kidsnurse1969


    A 504 plan would only be necessary if the MRSA was "substantially limiting a major life activity" related to the school day. Except for possibly an increase in absences related to frequent infections and medication administration, how would 504 accommodations apply?
  5. kidsnurse1969


    If the student does not have a health concern but "needs" to go home then the teacher or administrator can call the parents and force the issue.
  6. kidsnurse1969

    Hey! it's my nurse!

    I was just thinking this morning after a hug from a little guy:redpinkhe, that this phrase is one of my favorite parts of my job. Priceless!!
  7. kidsnurse1969

    Just a rant

    Do what the teachers do when they have a sick child: Call in from home and let someone else find a sub and worry about the rest of the kids. You have to take care of your own!
  8. kidsnurse1969

    Weird Requests

    For zipper issues on a 5th grader, I would have the student call home and request mom to bring in another pair of pants.
  9. kidsnurse1969

    need some tips for kids remembering to come

    I have used a sticker chart. I give the student a sticker every time he/she comes for her meds without being called for. When she gets 5 stickers then she gets a reward (such as lunch in my office, a special pencil/pen/eraser...). Then as she becomes more reliable, the number of stickers needed for the reward gets higher. Eventually, a habit is formed.
  10. kidsnurse1969

    Ever thought about teaching working in a school?

    I teach handwashing and "germ class" to some younger grades. It helps the little kids to know who I am earlier and on a positive note.
  11. kidsnurse1969

    Illinois CSN

    Welcome to Allnurses! I am an IL-CSN as well. I am not aware of a specific Illinois forum for school nurses. There are general nursing forums for each state and school nursing forum for all regions.
  12. kidsnurse1969

    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    I am in Illinois. The v/h screening is ran by the health dept. If the nurse is not certified to do it then the health dept will do it for a fee.
  13. kidsnurse1969

    What have I gotten myself into??? AAHHHH =)

    It depends on your location. Each state has it's own requirements. What state are you in?
  14. kidsnurse1969


    It sounds like a great time to create a list of all of the things that you have done through the year to be given to your administration. Things like: Administered XX doses of medication, Assessed and treated XX injuries, Assessed and treated XX students for illness, Sent XX students home for illness, Made XX parent contacts by phone... There isn't any reason not to be proud of what you have accomplished and toot your own horn a little.
  15. kidsnurse1969

    Totally out of the loop...aargh!

    I had a similar experience last week. I got a phone call from the county health department asking if any of our kids that were on the field trip to the zoo the day before had any GI symptoms. I said that we didn't have any kids at the zoo yesterday only to find out later that we did. I felt foolish when I had to call the county health department back to let her know the real story. I have recently sent out an e-mail asking teachers to keep me informed of field trips so that I can arrange meds and provide a first kits. Most of the teachers cooperated. You would think that the teacher would want the kiddos to get their meds (especially for ADHD). It would make their trip more peaceful.