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  1. I am atempting to compile information on school nurse salaries in Illinois. Does anyone have a resource for this that they are willing to share?? Thank you!!!
  2. tleigh7097

    02 use in school?

    The ins and outs of 02 use in school. Only concentrators? Can anyone share their views, thoughts with me?
  3. tleigh7097

    Vision/Hearing Screenings

    I thought anyone who performed the V/H screenings in Illinois schools HAD to be certified by Illinois Department of Public Health? That's what I was taught during certification.
  4. tleigh7097

    Replacing School Nurses with Health Techs

    Lets all remember nursing judgment and nursing assessment can not be delegated to unlicensed staff. These people do practice nursing "tasks" under our license, but they are NOT critically thinking professional nurses! I have refused certain people to perform some tasks if I did not feel they could do it safely and to my standards.
  5. tleigh7097

    Bloodborne Pathogens...HELP!!!!!

    OSHA should be helpful. I do have a short quiz after each BBP class. Includes hazerdous chemical awareness, policies, and lifting techniques.
  6. tleigh7097

    Help! Which job should I take?

    My experience has been that the case management and needs of kids of high school age are much easier and less time consuming. At the high school level you would be spending more time teaching students about managing their diabetes and other health conditions where as in the elementary schools the needs of the kids may be greater, especially if the economic status of that area is lower(higher rates of asthma, and other untreated health conditions). It is also important to know if you will be responsible for the vision and hearing screenings in your building. If so, there are fewer mandated grade levels in high school. Good Luck! And consider yourself lucky, where I am, we do not have a nurse in each building. There are 2 of us for 5000 kids in general ed, and a profoundly handicapped program.
  7. tleigh7097

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    I am very interested in how to get started as well. Your post was VERY helpful! I will continue to follow this thread in hopes that we can get more detailed information. thanks!!
  8. tleigh7097

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    Anyone have pointers for Illinois?
  9. tleigh7097

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    I would love to know how and where to start this process in illinois. Any Illinois individual medicare/medicaid providers out there??
  10. tleigh7097

    Flu without fever?

    Contact your local public health office. The epidemiologist could be helpful.:
  11. tleigh7097

    How often do you listen to lung sounds?

    I would be interested in a good website for lung sounds. Any suggestions?