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Vision/Hearing Notice



This is my first year that I will be doing vision, hearing and spinal screenings. Can I get any tips or suggestions on how to get started.

When conducting your screenings, do any of you send out a letter/notice, notifying the parent that you will be screening for vision and hearing. And if you do can you ii get ideas on a template that I could send home.

The previous nurse did not leave any tips or helped at all.

I do not send anything out before screening. I send BMI letters to all parents after screenings are done and abnormal vision/hearing referrals. My letters come from my charting system.


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I don't send vision and hearing notifications, but do for spinal screening.

I didn't last year, but I think technically I'm supposed to. I'm just going to put a note on our website, since that counts as communication in my state.


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I don't send vision and hearing notifications, but do for spinal screening.

Same here...Don't do your screenings on Monday or Friday because of absenteeism.

JenTheSchoolRN, BSN, RN

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In my state, parents cannot opt students out of postural screenings unless they are actively being treated for a spinal/back issue. I send letters home about the screening and why we do it.

I also send letters home about vision/hearing; if they want to opt out, they need to enclose a recent vision screening. This actually can help me track down missing physicals ;).

For BMI, same thing: letter home, opt out in writing. Luckily, I don't have to send home what some of the nurses in my state called the "fat" letters - I simply compile overall general data for the state.

Nurse_JackieVA, BSN, RN

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I have to send out a notice because it wasn't included in the parent handbook. If it was included then I would have been covered.


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We have a letter that goes in each new year packet (at the end of the current year) that delineates what screenings will be done and if they want to opt out they have to let us know in writing before the first day of school.

Cattz, ADN

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I this note at the bottom of my Health Enrollment Form that is completed yearly-- Unless I let the nurse know, in writing otherwise, vital health information may be shared with school staff with a legitimate educational interest to assist with this child's Education/safety. I know how vital it is for the school to be able to make contact when necessary. I will let the nurse know of any changes to the above information (especially Phone Numbers). The school may pursue emergency medical care if unable to reach me and the above contacts. Routine school health screenings will be conducted unless I let the nurse know, in writing, that I don't want my child screened.


Elementary level here....Only required to do Vision & Hearing screenings - I do not send out notices. I will write a blurb for our quarterly newsletter stating the screenings will be starting and parents will be notified of any failed screenings.