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Nurse_JackieVA has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU, SchoolRN, MICU, PCU/IMU, ED.

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  1. Nurse_JackieVA

    Emergent Situation Gone Wrong. Ideas?

    Reminds me of a similar situation in a psych facility, we had a psych pt with the same issues but it was a known SZ D/O and we had to call 911 but it was complete chaos because it was a bunch of psych nurses not knowing how to handle a medical emergency. I do like your idea of having a "code" team to handle emergent situations and to keep the environment calm/secure as much as possible though in that situation - outside with everyone all hyped up would have been hard. I'd go to the Admin and tell them your concerns and a team needs to be formed so situations like this can be handled quickly and safely. When medical emergencies happen there needs to be a black out on the radios or limited chatter so you have direct access to the main office until EMS arrives. Just a few ideas being thrown out. Good luck with your new team!
  2. Nurse_JackieVA

    I need a revolving door...

    I've seen 50 students so far and my day isn't over. Worst part is I saw 10 students within the first 5 mins of school and this is the first day back from spring break. Seriously people don't roll off the bus right into my office complaining of a headache and stomach ache. Geez!
  3. Nurse_JackieVA

    ICU Question about central line infection control

    When I worked at a teaching facility in California - RNs did the drsg changes and EVERY pt got a CHG bath. I recently worked in a Step-down in Virginia - RNs do the drsg changes and CHG baths were only for pt's with lines (not PIVs).
  4. Nurse_JackieVA

    Today is a great day!

    I hear you on that. Parents are great, I had a parent bring me one from 2013...a little expired, lol. Happy Friday and it'll be the start of my Spring Break. WooHoo!
  5. Nurse_JackieVA

    Leaving school Nursing thoughts...

    I've been thinking about leaving the specialty for some time now - I love the kids, the staff is great, and the schedule is awesome but I'm missing the hospital, being able to "fix" things or call the pharmacy when I need a med. I just feel like my hands are constantly tied and I'm literally just putting band aids over wounds. No peds for me, going into CVICU. Maybe trying getting a per diem job just to keep your skills up and a little reminder why you love school nursing?
  6. Nurse_JackieVA

    The "Best" Nurse Pass Notes

    Direct admit then straight to the OR you gooooo......
  7. Nurse_JackieVA

    The "Best" Nurse Pass Notes

    One warm compress and it was like magic - it disappeared.
  8. Nurse_JackieVA

    The "Best" Nurse Pass Notes

    I've had some interesting ones but my favorite was "Pimple on chin." Not infected or red or painful - just a regular pimple that tweens will get.
  9. Nurse_JackieVA

    How many kids do you see in a day?

    I'm in an elementary school with 560 students. Today was a slow day (2 grades out on fieldtrips and 1 grade testing) - only 34 kids but usually to 40-50 depending on what day it is.
  10. Nurse_JackieVA

    Ring removal

    Wow, thanks for the tip. Just learned something new today. Well two things: 1. Dental Floss to remove stuck rings 2. Bedbug sniffing dogs.
  11. Nurse_JackieVA

    Excessive visits

    I have a few that have been here +20 closer to 30 times already. I'm at the point where I just have them call their parents (if they're old enough) then I talk afterwards if they want to speak to me - they usually don't. I had one 1st grader come to me 7 times in one day - various complaints (stuffy nose, hit finger on desk, paper cut, etc...) I went to the teacher and asked what was going on - she didn't want to deny him going to the nurse, okay fine but 7 times in one day! He's on my automatic call list. I have several littles that will become incontinent when they don't want to be in class and one that likes to vomit so he can go home. Brother and sister in competition to see who can see me the most in one year. Bonus points for phone calls home. Mom actually told me about this competition. I have several kids on different plans to try to decrease the amount of visits to me. I have spoken with the Principal, Teachers, and Parents. I try to get everyone onboard. These kids are here to learn, not sit in my office doing nothing/playing. Trust me my office is not fun, I hide the books and anything they can play with because I don't want my office to be a hang out spot or somewhere to play. If you're sick, you're sick - no playing. Peeing on yourself on purpose is not okay and I will not reward you by giving you fun things to do in here while we wait for Mom to bring clothes - some parents just won't bring extra clothing, grrr. I had one kid ask me why I didn't have a TV because my office was so boring, lol.
  12. Nurse_JackieVA

    Spin off- what's been your biggest emergency as a school nurse

    Damnit, should have knocked a little harder - s/p fight came into clinic c/o pain after getting punched in the face/head. Neuro intact except for the fact that student kept getting SLEEPY. The student would answer a question then close eyes/lay head down. Almost called 911 but Mom took to ED instead. If Mom wasn't there 911 for sure. Mild concussion according to the ED. I work in an elementary school and these were not my older kids. What in the world is going on?
  13. Nurse_JackieVA

    A color run????

    Will this be during school hours? My school hasn't done one but at my son's old school in California we had one during the weekend - Annual 5k Color Run.
  14. Nurse_JackieVA

    Spin off- what's been your biggest emergency as a school nurse

    *knock on wood* I've only had one true emergency. Only one 911 phone call for an asthmatic with no inhaler - it was my 2nd day on the job and still orienting under my team lead.
  15. Nurse_JackieVA

    Bed Bugs

    I get this all the time - nurse pass reason "bug on them" or I had one teacher smash the bug in some paper and send the student with the smashed bug to me. I mean I'm good but not smashed bug good, lol.
  16. Nurse_JackieVA

    Bed Bugs

    I actually caught a live bedbug on one of my students - teacher walked him all the way down from the 2nd story to the main office with the bedbug hanging on for dear life. Luckily it didn't fall off. Once I caught it then it was confirmed and the specific classrooms treated while others had traps placed. Funny thing my clinic got neither treatment. Then the parents are called and its up to them to follow through with recommendations but we can't force anyone to do anything. Now I have to look at this specific student at least once a week from now until the cows come home - Always looking for another bedbug. It was weird because the staff was more freaked out than the parents were. I got one phone call from a Mom.