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Please help! I need info on pediatric vaccinations. Here is a little back ground. My SIL took her 4 month old in for the routine vax. Baby was fussy for a while after then became totally still and "zoned out" for about a min. One doc said this was an adverse rxn and baby had a seizure. None of the doc could tell her which shot did this an if this could or couldn't happen again or what they could do if it did. SIL refuses to have baby get any more vaccinations. Docs won't give her much info. Is this a reportable side effect or adverse rxn?

Any web sites or groups you can point me to?

All three of my kids are vaccinated per schedule. At first I didn't want to think this could be a reaction..She's a nervous mom...but after hearing her story I wonder.

Any info or insight would help. I'm still pro vaccine by the way, but every case is different.



91 Posts Vaccination adverse event reporting system.


91 Posts Vaccination adverse event reporting system.

I forgot to add that you can go to for information on vaccines or

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I was just coming to this thread to post a question about all the anti-vaccine information that's out there on the internet. Do you peds nurses see many parents who refuse vax for their kids? What do you really think about the anti-vax websites, studies, etc? I'm a little confused by it all, to be honest.

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That is scarey stuff. My son almost died from the first whooping cough vaccination... only got one.......


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How long after the shots did the baby have the "zoning out" spell?

I'm just asking because I know from working with babies in the NICU that sometimes babies "shut down" when they are over-stimulated. I've seen babies go absolutely beserk crying while getting IVs, labs, shots, etc. And sometimes, when all is said and done, they get quiet - TOO quiet. Like they passed out or something - but it's not seizure-like at all.

I'm just wondering if the baby was all worked up screaming from the shots and just kind of "zoned out" to get her wits about her.

I know there are a lot of theories about vaccinnes and certainly there are adverse reactions with any and all medications out there. Just wanted to throw this out as a possible explaination, however far-fetched.

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I was just coming to this thread to post a question about all the anti-vaccine information that's out there on the internet. Do you peds nurses see many parents who refuse vax for their kids? What do you really think about the anti-vax websites, studies, etc? I'm a little confused by it all, to be honest.

I work in peds. I have seen babies whose parents are against immunizations. I look at those precious little faces and say a silent prayer that they will stay healthy. Parents have the right to make an informed decision about vaccines. It is a serious decision that adults must make, I agree. However, one must make sure they look at all the fact-based evidence regarding immunizations and side effects. I did my college research paper on immunizations and there are alot of crackpot, just plain crazy web sites out there. I would hope that a parent would take enough time and effort to discuss this decision with their health care provider. I also worked in Public Health and did disease investigations. Has anyone ever heard an infant with whooping cough? It is something I will never forget- just hauntingly terrible. Parents must realize that the diseases are not irradicated (they are not prevelant thanks to vaccines) and can resurge. Many diseases are just an airplane ride away...


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I'm well aware of the debate in the uK at the moment vis chidhood vaccinations. As the mother of four children my personal belief is that kids are like dogs, shoudn't be allowed out of the house with out their shots.... Children are now dying from these common childhood diseases that their parents have decided not to have them vacinated against. measles, whooping cough,polio etc. :crying2:

I have a nephew who has autism, there is No proven link between this and vaccination but his mother continues to believe his condition has been caused by child vaccinations. I worry for all those children whose parents have made an 'informed choice' not to have vaccination, but understand the fear of the parent.

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Wow thanks for discussing this.

I have a few kids and dogs....both are vaccinated :p

As far as the zonning out....thats kinda what I was thinking. This happened a few hrs after the shots. I know my kids have done this before.


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I agree that the child may not have had a seizure..most kids i know that had a vaccine`reaction had a grand mal seizure within hours of the vaccine, and not all of them showed any other sign. The crying could have also led to a breath holding episode, not uncommon in infants....maybe she should call the nurse at the MDs office or Dept of Public Health for more info..if the Pediatrician isnt willing to discuss it i would change MDs!!!!!

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We've had parents against vaccinations. I don't agree with it, but not much I can do. We have had a RASH of children with pertussis lately.... all down with it before they get those 2 month shots. Luckily, most have been caught early...

I would do whatever I could to get those kids vaccinated again if the doc says its ok. Just check around... the spell could have been unrelated.

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I have cared for a child requiring a solid organ transplant whose parents are anti-vaccination. I had a long chat with them about the risks of not having the child immunized, but it made little impression on them. They are the type who will grab onto something and run with it, no matter how out-there it is. As the parent of a transplant recipient, I would never hesitate to protect my son in whatever way possible. To that end all his routine immunizations are up-to-date, he has been given a flu shot every fall, he's due for his next pneumovax next year and has also been immunized against meningococcus type C in the past during an outbreak in our community. The benefits so far outweigh the risks that it's really a no-brainer for me.

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