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UWorld, Hurst, or Kaplan?


Hey guys! I am graduating 8/6 and I’m looking to go ahead and purchase a program to help prepare for NCLEX-RN.

What do you all recommend? I have ATI through my nursing program. I plan to use that, but I want to get a little something extra to help make sure I am ready when my time comes.

Also, I’m in Alabama. Have any new grads experienced delays in getting temp license, ATT, or even testing date? I have my RN orientation for my job scheduled on 8/31. I scheduled that back in mid February. My only fear is that with COVID there may be delays and I will need to reschedule orientation. Any issues you guys heard of?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

I used ATI through my school as well, but I never really became a fan of it. When it came time to study for NCLEX, I used UWorld, and also Kaplan. I found that for the most part, I liked UWorld better. The questions seemed "harder" than Kaplan, and the rationales were so much better. Very detailed. Kaplan was good for me to assess my knowledge, but UWorld taught me what I didn't already know. UWorld is also set up very much like NCLEX, so when I sat to take the exam, it felt familiar to me.

I used UWorld, Nurse Achieve, and Mark Klimek. I think Nurse Achieve helped me the most because it has mock CAT exams.

Enarra, BSN, RN

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I used Kaplan and am happy with it. I’m talking about the classes not the amazon book they teach stuff in class that’s not in book. Best of luck

acmt27, BSN, RN

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I used UWorld. The explanations they gave for every question were phenomenal. They also rationalized why the incorrect options were incorrect, which I thought would be confusing but made total sense and was a massive help in developing better critical thinking skills.

I am using Nurse Achieve right now. I've used Kaplan and UWorld and Klimek. But I have to give Nurse Achieve some credit! I think their Mock CAT Exams are an excellent resource and tool to use!

On 5/27/2020 at 11:18 AM, RNmmg said:

I found that for the most part, I liked UWorld better. The questions seemed "harder" than Kaplan, and the rationales were so much better.

Kaplan's explanations of: "This is right because you would do this first" weren't descriptive enough about why you'd do it first? I got UWorld for free, and owe any chance of passing that test to that. Kaplan is great for benchmarking, but horrible for learning.

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I used UWorld and Hurst Now. UWorld has great rationales, and you learn so much from every question. Hurst was good for a summary of content, and the videos were helpful in teaching you how to think through the questions and not be the 'killer nurse.' When I had a hard time choosing an answer, I would use the tips that Hurst gave me and I really think it helped me pass NCLEX.