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    How Soon After Graduation Did You Take NCLEX?

    Thanks guys! No, taking the NCLEX-PN is not mandantory but I have a LPN job to work flexi in my last semesters of nursing school. I am also averaging between 71-75% on PN Mastery Q-Bank. Their comp predictor doesn't give a percentage of passing. I think I am going to take it Friday! Fingers crossed for passing on the first try! Thanks again for all the advice!
  2. I am in an ADN program but completed the LPN requirements 12/11/19. I have already gotten my ATT for NCLEX-PN, but I needed some advice. I am torn between my options. I am kinda wanting to take NCLEX before my 4th semester starts on 1/8/20. Our instructors have told us this would be the hardest semester of the program thus far. I also have to take microbiology this semester. If I take NCLEX before the semester begins, it would be one less worry and one less thing to study for. I also feel like maybe I should wait and take it the end of January/first of February. Then I could run into the busyness of clinicals and tests of the current semester. I have been doing NCLEX style questions since the Christmas break started. My program uses ATI, and I scored a 99% predictability of passing NCLEX-PN first time. If I take it before semester 4 begins, I would have 7-12 days to study. My current study regimen is 50-75 NCLEX questions/day and read all rationales with PN Mastery. Write the ones I am struggling with. Watching videos and referencing textbooks with struggle areas. Do I feel comfortable? Nope. But, does anyone going into this test? lol I don't know if I would be more comfortable wating or getting it over with. How long after graduation did you all wait before taking NCLEX? Did anyone take NCLEX while in the program? Are there any other NCLEX practice exams that give an estimated predictability of passing? I know it is my call as to what I feel is the best decision, but I just need some advice to help make my decision. What would you guys do?

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